March 9, 2023

Clinical trials can be expensive and time-consuming. Viedoc offers flexible and transparent pricing to support your clinical trials by reducing training time and costs, while enabling greater financial control throughout the trial process.

Free Access to Training Server  

Viedoc offers free access to our training server, allowing you to experiment and build your studies independently and at your own pace. We believe that by providing you with the tools to become independent and build your studies, you can reduce your training time, costs, and dependency. 

Maximum Flexibility with Mid-Study Changes  

Mid-study changes are common after a trial has gone live, due to protocol amendments or design optimizations. Some EDC vendors will charge every time you want to initiate a mid-study change. That's never the case with Viedoc. You can make changes to your studies as and when you want without paying any fee. Adhoc costs may apply if there is any over-usage of pre-agreed parameters like inserting a new form, however they are always transparent and predictable.

Competitive Pricing Based on Study Scope and Duration

Our pricing model is designed to ensure that you receive maximum value for your investment by offering the best price for the best product. As your study duration increases, your costs per site and month decrease due to economies of scale. Additionally, our study-by-study pricing model ensures that you only pay for the specific scope of your study, and our enterprise pricing is designed to incentivize long-term partnerships, enabling you to benefit from our products at reduced costs. It's worth noting that our pricing includes hosting and maintenance, providing you with one less thing to worry about during the trial process. 

Risk-Free Trial Engagement  

At Viedoc, we want to make sure that you have a risk-free experience, even if your trial is postponed or does not enroll patients. Our engagement fee is only 25% of the total cost when you sign the work order, ensuring that you are not bound to the full price of the contract. Our invoicing follows typical milestone payments structure, ensuring that you have greater financial control throughout the trial process. Moreover, invoicing is halted when the database is locked, so you are not bound to the full price of the contract. 

Transparent Ad-Hoc Pricing  

We believe in providing you with transparent ad-hoc pricing, allowing you to easily predict the cost of your trial with study scope extensions. You can choose the products you want and only pay for those, while upgrades and updates are provided free of charge. With our all-inclusive license cost, you can enjoy unlimited users at no extra cost. This ensures that you have greater financial control and reduces any unnecessary costs.

Full eClinical Suite with a Single Sign-On, One Admin, One Designer  

At Viedoc, we are committed to making your experience as smooth and easy as possible. Our eClinical suite includes one admin and one designer for the full suite, ensuring that you have lower training costs, much less administration, and faster training times. We want to be your partner in clinical trials, and we believe that our pricing options, combined with our emphasis on independence, flexibility, and transparency, make us the ideal choice for the modern clinical trial. 

A Summary of Viedoc's Flexible Pricing: 

  • Free access to training server for independent study building 
  • No additional fees for initiating mid-study changes
  • Competitive pricing based on study scope and duration 
  • Risk-free trial engagement with milestone-based invoicing
  • Transparent ad-hoc pricing for easy cost prediction
  • Full eClinical suite with one admin and one designer for reduced training costs and faster training times
  • Unlimited users at no extra cost

In conclusion, Viedoc's commitment to providing flexible and transparent pricing options has made it easier than ever to conduct clinical trials in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

To see Viedoc's flexible pricing options in action, we invite you to request a proposal. Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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