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Viedoc is the next generation of eClinical software for decentralized and hybrid trials. Today, we live hybrid lives in a remote world, where we move fluidly between physical and digital spaces. Viedoc seamlessly reflects that transition, making clinical trials smooth and engaging—regardless of who you are, and where you sign in from. 


An ePRO that centers around patients

It’s no secret that the modern patient demands innovative technology—one that’s easy to use, without steep learning curves or outdated approaches. That’s why we built the most up-to-date, engaging ePRO/eCOA solution on the market—Viedoc Me. Designed to ensure the smoothest and simplest data collection process yet for you and your patients, directly from the source. Everyone can easily connect to Viedoc via their device anywhere, from Canada to Cambodia. See the symptoms and side effects patients are experiencing as they report them, so you can intervene at a moment’s notice, and set languages for translation to get local and speak everyone’s language with ease. 

How Viedoc Me supports your study

Support patients at any time with televisits 

Viedoc Connect is our versatile and responsive telemedicine solution, which allows you to interact with subjects via Viedoc Me the same way you would on-site, but remotely. Easily connect to your patients through secure video calls and run activities remotely. Facilitate the eConsent process, run pre-screening and recruitment activities, and conduct follow-up visits when on-site visits aren’t possible. Do your job seamlessly, all with the click of a button, without switching apps.

How Viedoc Connect supports your study

Set your own boundaries, or defy them

Both patients and site staff benefit from decentralized research. Did you know that 70% of potential study participants live more than two hours away from trial sites? Decentralizing your research enables you to diversify your recruitment process and reach more people. Save time and money for both you and your study participants, and provide a better efficacy and safety profile at the end. With Viedoc’s customizable solution, you can design, manage, and execute your remote clinical studies all within one scalable system. We’re the foundation with boundless capabilities. 

How the Viedoc solution powers your study

Key features

  • EDC

    Data collection

    Features for collection, viewing and reviewing of CRF data in an ICH GCP compliant manner, including capture of binary data (images / documents)

    Sign data on form, visit or patient level Link data between forms (e.g. AE and CM)

    Laboratory reference values with time, location and factor scope

    Study building

    Drag-and-drop form design with more than 18 different item types to choose from

    Form preview allowing the designer to verify layout, conditions and checks directly onscreen

    Automatic creation of blank and annotated CRFs

    CDISC CDASH form library with over 20 ready-to-use forms

    Ready-to-use study templates in CDISC ODM XML format

    Form translator for managing multiple study languages

    Best-in-class support for complex study designs / requirements

    Study management

    Role delegation service

    Study level database lock feature

    Study-recreation from a previous snapshot (CDISC ODM)

    Unique and fully self-service study decommissioning feature including status reports and archiving recommendations

    Documentation and certification management

    Assignment of study designs

    Study settings

    Study license management

    API management

    TMF management

    RTSM management

    Reference data management

    Medical coding dictionary management

    User management

    Site creation, with code, time zone, type (production / training), recruitment metrics

    User management, with invites, resets, and removals

  • ePRO / eCOA

    An integrated and configurable ePRO / eCOA feature according to the BYOD model

    Supports custom workflows and complex decision trees Televisits

    Reminders in local language via SMS and email Customizable VAS

    File upload

    Drawing pad with body map, signature line, or blank background

    Support for unscheduled data entries

    40 languages including right­to­left typing

    Library of validated ePRO / eCOA forms

    Integration with smartwatches, thermometers, scales, and more

  • eConsent

    Coming soon. Our eConsent process is smooth and reliable. Once combined, our range of products deliver an enhanced user experience with maximum flexibility for both the site and the participant. Remotely share essential information with participants and assess their understanding, expedite participant identification, and retrieve signatures.

  • Televisits

    Secure peer to peer video calls

    Screen sharing

    No installs or downloads

    Easy access

    Join in one click

    Audit log tracking date, time, duration and participants

  • API

    24 / 7 output to Excel, CSV, SAS, PDF / A (compliant to FDA submission, eCTD) and CDISC ODM formats

    Scheduled exports

    Online data preview and chart visualization

    API for import and export of data in CDISC ODM

    Real-time metrics on data quality and performance

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