Social responsibility

Viedoc’s vision of a healthier world may sound idealistic, but to us, it’s a very real undertaking that goes far beyond making a profit. It springs from our genuine desire to contribute to society, and from the values that define us:

People first

The best solutions in any situation come from understanding people’s needs, showing integrity, and respecting differences. This respect extends to everyone on the Viedoc team, to all of our clients, and to the individuals behind the data in every study. Our strength is our diversity, with teams consisting of people from all corners of the globe and a great mixture of gender, culture, age, and experience.

Be confident

Solutions and innovations come from a place where people feel safe, trusted, and are free to think and express themselves as they wish. We strongly promote a nurturing, supportive, and fun workplace where each individual is encouraged to dream big, dare to fail, and keep on growing.

Do good

We use our skills and knowledge to do good—by our colleagues, our users, and society as a whole. In our aim to bring more therapies to market faster, we should do no harm—to people, society, or the planet.

What sustainability means to us

We use our vision to hold ourselves accountable, but also to inspire us in our search for new ways to give back to society and contribute to a healthier world. Here’s how:

  • We support promising research projects and organizations, as well as academic institutions and universities, by giving them full access to our solutions at greatly reduced rates.
  • We regularly donate free licenses to accelerate projects that we find especially important—for instance, studies related to the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, and malaria research in third world countries.
  • As a company, we provide financial support to organizations and projects whose values are in line with our own. In addition, we encourage our employees to join us in this support by gift matching their donations.
  • We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, and have implemented company policies to help our employees make sustainable choices.
Social responsibility

Viedoc's CO2e emission data

The carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emission data presented in Viedoc’s quotations and contracts is based on company data server emissions and subject enrollment data on the Viedoc production servers. The data server emission data and the subject enrollment data only includes statistics from Viedoc’s EU and JP instances. This data is based on 2022 statistics.

The total CO2e emissions from the EU and JP data server instances in 2022 were 14.1 metric tons. The total number of subjects enrolled on the Viedoc EU and JP production servers in 2022 was 128,497. The average emission rate for a single subject per month on the production server is 0.0092 kilograms of CO2e. This rate is used to calculate the estimated emission rate for each study requested in Viedoc. The calculation used to generate the CO2e rate in each quotation and contract is (0.0092 * enrolled subjects) * study duration months.

If you have any questions surrounding this, please contact us.

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Jun 6, 2023

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