All over the world, from Sweden, to the United States, China, Vietnam, and Japan, the Viedoc team is dedicated to delivering the best eClinical experience imaginable.


Creating real innovation requires not only industry experience and tomorrow’s technology—a forward-thinking, well-oiled team is an absolute essential. Our development team combines genuine dedication with razor-sharp skills to release top-notch quality every six weeks.


Our product team takes care of prioritization, planning, and documentation of all features. They ensure Viedoc is easy to learn and use, with all the functionality our clients want—as well as features they didn’t even know they needed.

Professional services

Covering all corners of the globe, the professional services team is there to understand our customers’ needs and provide reliable, first-class assistance—from help building studies to advanced technical support.


While our clients do a great job of spreading the word about our solutions, we also rely on our marketing department’s creativity, imagination, and market knowledge to present Viedoc to the world.

Quality assurance and Regulatory affairs

In our business, quality processes and data integrity are of crucial importance. Our QA department—led and staffed by some of the sharpest profiles in the industry—not only meets the highest quality standards, but also works hard to raise them.

Admin and Finance

Viedoc is all about making sure things run smoothly, and that, of course, includes our own business. This team keeps the bills paid and the lights on, while providing expertise and strategic investments for long-term growth.


Knowing the importance of a solid relationship built on trust, our sales team works hard to keep clients all over the globe happy. They’re always up for a conversation about how Viedoc can simplify your workday—so feel free to get in touch.

IT and Infrastructure

Our deeply knowledgeable IT and infrastructure team makes up the backbone of Viedoc. Understanding that it takes a lifetime to build user trust—and a moment to lose it—they’re on call 24/7, to guarantee that Viedoc always runs the way you need it to, ensuring your data is safe and protected.

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Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2
Sep 29, 2023

"The system is incredibly robust and is very user friendly, both to sponsor level satff, as well as site staff who remotely enter data."