Professional study building in no time

Viedoc Designer makes it easy for anyone to design and tailor their own studies. Whether you want to create an advanced study from scratch or use one of our templates, you can be confident that the end results will be professional.

Faster, more accurate data

Collecting data directly from the source—the subjects themselves—eliminates the need for data entry by site staff, as well as the risk of transcription errors.

Faster, more accurate data

Future proof

Created the perfect study template? Keep using it for as long as you like—every update we release is backward compatible.

Future Proof

Global template library

To save you time, a library of ready-to-use, easily adaptable templates—even entire study designs—is included. Just use, re-use, and fine-tune according to each particular study’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need any programming skills to set up studies in Viedoc?

    No, programming skills are, of course, of advantage when it comes to very complex conditions or edit checks, but for a typical study, no programming skills are required.

  • Who is responsible for the UAT, myself or you?

    The responsibility for performing the UAT always lies with the client. We deliver a validated product and provide release certificates for every release, and those can be downloaded from this website.

  • I understand you do releases quite often. Do I need to revalidate my study for every release?

    No, every release of Viedoc is always backwards compatible, so there is no need for clients to validate ongoing studies for new releases.

  • Do you have a library that can be used when setting up new studies?

    Yes, Viedoc Designer has a global library that can be used to store and copy templates.

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