Easy access to deeper insights in one reporting tool

An adaptable reporting system for the project manager

Viedoc Reports is a fully integrated reporting tool for the busy project manager – available 24/7, wherever you are. Access high-level metrics for a quick overview, dig deep into details, and make sure important data reaches the right people.

Tailored data access

Tailor each page to show the specific data you want to display and analyze, and use visibility conditions and roles to allow the right people access to important information.

Time-saving features

Viedoc Reports’ clear, understandable data access and useful tools help you focus on what’s important. Being able to zoom, sort, search, compare, cross-check, and export data makes it easy to view and predict study progress, and enables you to draw valuable conclusions about trends and patterns in your trial.

Customizable reports

In addition to free access to an ever-increasing number of standard report templates, you can also customize your own reports. Data can be exported in Excel, CSV, and SAS XPT formats.

Customizable reports

Frequently asked questions

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  • Can I compare data across different CRFs?


  • Do I have to wait for the data to be imported?

    No. Because Viedoc Reports is fully integrated into the suite, the data is synced automatically every 24 hrs.

  • What if I want to look a little closer at the data in the graphs?

    In each graph, the user can filter, sort, and zoom into the data to get a better understanding of the data at any time.

  • Does this require a special license?

    No, Viedoc Reports is included with every study.

  • Can I determine who sees what?

    Yes, Viedoc Reports enables you to set up visibility conditions and user roles, allowing the right people to see the important information at the right time.

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Oct 19, 2023

"Data capturing has been made easy because of viedoc, it is incredibly robust and easy to navigate"