Secure role-based access to all trial documentation 

Go remote and optimize the site-patient interaction

Viedoc Connect is our fully integrated telemedicine solution enabling flexible investigator and patient interaction with the help of secure video calls. Facilitate the eConsent process, run pre-screening and recruitment activities, and conduct follow-up visits where on-site visits are not possible.

Accessible from any device

Patients can easily and securely join the call from the phone, tablet, or desktop through Viedoc Me to interact with the investigator and/or study coordinator.

Remove access barriers

With Viedoc Connect you can facilitate the eConsent process, verifying the identity of the patient and confirming the handwritten signature while being executed.

Faster, smoother documentation

Enhanced education

Comfortably train patients on the protocol remotely with the screen sharing functionality in Viedoc Connect. Demonstrate how to use the ePRO application, facilitate troubleshooting, and more.

Set up and manage permissions

Instant access to data and improved compliance

Allowing patients to participate from home by replacing site visits with a Viedoc Connect call will save time for both the patient and site staff. Ultimately resulting in increased patient engagement, improved compliance, and faster access to high-quality data.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Can we add Viedoc Connect to our current license, and what is the price?

    Yes, any add-on feature can be added to an existing study license. The price for Viedoc Connect depends on the study specification and is calculated in a similar way as the Viedoc license.

  • What should we think about when requesting pricing for Viedoc Connect?

    Just indicate how many estimated televisits will be required.

  • Is a call through Viedoc Connect connected to a certain patient visit in Viedoc Clinic?

    No, video calls can be set up instead of visits but also in between. There is no link between an event in the EDC and a video call. The easiest implementation is to add a question in a form in the event to collect the information on whether the event was performed as a physical visit or a video call.

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