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  • Is Viedoc CFR part 11 compliant?

    Yes, statements of compliance to various regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11, as well as data privacy laws, can be provided upon request.

  • Your system seems easy to use but what is the main differentiator compared to other EDC systems?

    Instead of comparing us with other vendors, we let the system speak for itself. Anyone with interest can try out Viedoc free of charge for a limited time by simply sending us an email. We also let our clients share their experiences with us, and some statements are provided on this website.

  • Can the investigator sign off all forms at once?

    Yes, signing is done on form, visit, or subject level depending on the preference of the investigator.

  • Does Viedoc store an independent contemporaneous investigator copy of the eCRF?

    Yes, Viedoc stores all versions of a form at the time the form is saved, and these are all under the control of the investigator.

  • Where and how often are backups performed?

    Backups are taken, encrypted, and replicated to the paired Microsoft Azure region every five minutes. One full backup for each instance is encrypted and transferred to cold storage in a third location, read back, restored, and tested for integrity every 24 hours.