June 19, 2024

Viedoc announces an exciting ongoing collaboration with Université de Poitiers in France.

Starting this spring semester, the Master 1 course (first year of Master) in Health Engineering at Université de Poitiers includes a module in the second semester of the Master 1 that trains students in the use of a real data management tool, and Viedoc is the eClinical suite they have chosen to work with. 

Patrick Girard heads up the Master 1 course, training data managers and clinical trial project managers. Patrick explains “For several years we have needed a tool that allows us to materialize this teaching as close as possible to professional use. Training our students with a market tool is essential for us, and Viedoc allows us to do that.”

Simulating data management using MS Excel files can be tedious, it’s far more effective to enhance student’s skills and garner their interest by utilizing a real tool complete with real data. Also, from a recruiter’s perspective, being able to demonstrate experience with a professional data management tool is a definite advantage. 

Patrick goes on to say “Viedoc meets all our different objectives—ease of use, power, and adequacy for the profession. The fact that it goes beyond simple data management and covers a much more significant part of the management of clinical trials is a plus.”

From Viedoc’s perspective, this collaboration touches on several of our core values, especially people first. It’s a fantastic opportunity to support students and prepare them for their future careers by giving them practical experience with a real-life tool they will encounter and need to have a good understanding of when they are fully-fledged data managers. 

Viedoc provides professors with remote training and full access to eLearning. The course tackles complex notions, helping students understand some of the trickier aspects of clinical trial management. The first semester is currently ongoing, and all feedback received so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate for concluding the training course with Viedoc.

Please get in touch to request a demo, or if you have questions about how Viedoc could accelerate your clinical trials.

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