August 24, 2023

In today's fast-paced, digital-first clinical trials landscape, the importance of data security for ethical, accurate, and trustworthy research cannot be overstated. 

Ensuring data integrity is crucial for accurate research outcomes and patient well-being. Clinical trials demand secure handling of sensitive patient data to protect privacy and compliance with strict regulations from the FDA, NIHR, OHRP, IRB, PDMA and EMA. 

Global collaboration at all phases of clinical trials necessitates data protection, shielding intellectual property and fostering trust among stakeholders. The risk of data breaches grows when using different digital platforms, potentially leading to compromised patient safety. Data interoperability supports efficient analysis and maintains a positive image, while lapses can harm reputations. 

Given these factors, stakeholders in the clinical trials landscape must prioritize data security to uphold patient rights, maintain research integrity, and adhere to regulatory standards, ultimately ensuring the safe and successful advancement of medical knowledge and treatments. 

Here are 10 ways in which Viedoc prioritizes clinical data security:

1. Proven expertise and trust

With an unwavering commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and availability, Viedoc ensures data protection throughout the entire clinical trial process by harnessing innovative cybersecurity infrastructure and implementing advanced security measures. Viedoc, at heart, is about confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your most valuable information assets. We’ve always aimed to deliver a secure-by-design platform and build a security-aware culture in all areas of our organization.

2. Multi-layered authentication

Viedoc goes the extra mile to ensure the highest level of protection for our client's clinical data. Our comprehensive security framework encompasses multi-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO). User authentication is the first line of defense against unauthorized access to sensitive data. That is why we offer robust 2FA to strengthen user login procedures. Additionally, our SSO feature enhances access control and centralized management, empowering organizations with seamless and secure user authentication.

3. ISO 27001 certification

Viedoc’s dedication to clinical trial security has not gone unnoticed. Our ISO 27001 certification serves as a testament to our commitment and adherence to international information security standards. The certification verifies that our operational procedures adhere to the internationally recognized standard for information security management. Our company processes systematically manage and mitigate risks related to information security within all functions, including Product Development, IT Operations, Product Support, and Sales & Marketing.

4. Vigilant vulnerability management

Our proactive approach to security includes continuous penetration testing and automated scanning. By subjecting our systems to regular vulnerability assessments, we identify potential weaknesses and swiftly remediate them. This integration of security checks within the software development lifecycle ensures that our software releases are not only efficient but also secure.

5. Empowered workforce

We believe that cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility. That is why we foster a culture of digital mindfulness and promote employee awareness at Viedoc through comprehensive training programs. By empowering our employees with security knowledge and best practices, we strengthen our overall posture and create a unified front against cyber threats.

6. Secure infrastructure

Viedoc maintains a secure infrastructure that adheres to the highest industry standards. Our encryption protocols ensure that data remains confidential both at rest and in transit. Furthermore, our role-based access control can be configured to meet the principle of least privilege, which will ensure that that data is accessible only to authorized personnel, minimizing the risk of data breaches.

7. Proven performance

Viedoc fully understands the importance of protecting sensitive clinical data. We consider safeguarding valuable patient information from unauthorized access, tampering, and data breaches paramount to maintaining the trust of our stakeholders and ensuring the success of clinical trials. With a proven record of accomplishment, and deep industry experience, Viedoc aims to become synonymous with trust and reliability in the field of clinical trial security. Our unwavering commitment to this crucial area sets us apart as the preferred partner for secure clinical data management.

8. Industry recognition and trust

By positioning Viedoc as an industry leader in clinical trial security, we inspire trust and confidence among our clients and stakeholders. We assure our clients that their valuable clinical data is protected according to the highest industry standards. Viedoc’s adherence to stringent information security practices and showcases our commitment to systematic risk management and mitigation.

9. Robust resources

Viedoc produces educational materials for deeper insights into our security framework, which can be used by anyone in the clinical trials industry. The materials include Cybersecurity with Viedoc–ISO27001, 2FA, and SSO and Viedoc and information security. We even have Viedoc Security – Technical and Organizational Measures in both English and Japanese.

10. Pioneering progress

Viedoc has diligently enhanced security measures to provide our clients with the highest level of protection. Our Information Security Management System requires continuous top management engagement in, and review of, information security concerns, and mandates continuous improvement throughout the organization. The system also establishes well over 100 controls to be implemented and monitored. These controls include regulatory, legal, and contractual compliance, recruitment, onboarding, training, awareness, termination of personnel, access control and many more.

Learn more about Viedoc’s proven security practices and what they can mean for the future of your research.

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