August 31, 2023

Viedoc's commitment to diversity extends far beyond rhetoric and makes up an essential element of our company’s ethos. Our dedication to making clinical trials as inclusive as possible is reinforced by a multitude of initiatives and policies that bolster an inclusive culture at Viedoc. 

Bridging geographical gaps with digital-first solutions

Our eClinical suite showcases our approach to nurturing diversity. This cloud-based platform has been meticulously designed for collaboration. But it's features like Viedoc Connect, and Viedoc Me that have truly expanded the horizons, facilitating Decentralized Clinical Trials, and allowing clinical studies to become accessible in regions previously considered unreachable.

Empowering patients with remote engagement

Traditional clinical trials often require participants to travel to specific research centers and this limits participation to those who live nearby or can afford to travel. Televisits and mobile eCRF systems allow patients from remote or underserved areas to participate, thus increasing geographic diversity.  
Viedoc Connect is as our fully integrated telemedicine solution, empowering researchers to establish meaningful connections with subjects via secure video calls. From optimizing the eConsent process and managing pre-screening and recruitment activities to arranging follow-up visits when on-site attendance isn't possible, Viedoc Connect plays a central role. 

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Viedoc Me, our ePRO/eCOA solution, lets subjects report their data effortlessly via devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. This ensures flexibility on their part while equipping sponsors and sites with a holistic, real-time view of a patient's journey through the trial. The essence of it? An on-site engagement experience, recreated remotely.

Language and cultural adaptability

Viedoc applications are more than just adaptable to multiple languages; they're thoughtfully curated to cater to diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. With a commitment to user-friendly design and intuitive workflows, Viedoc goes a step further by making it possible to incorporate instructional videos or guides, ensuring inclusivity for various levels of linguistic understanding and health literacy.

Increasing accessibility & comfort

The comfort of participating from one's home can't be overstated, especially for minority communities who've been historically wary and distrustful of medical establishments. And by eliminating the requirement for physical visits, we can reduce the costs usually associated with trial participation—like travel, parking, and even childcare—thereby making trials vastly more accessible to a wider socioeconomic group.

Real-Time insights for greater representation

Viedoc’s eClinical suite is more than just another platform; it's an embodiment of adaptability. It stands out by offering real-time insights, allowing for immediate recognition of disparities in trial participation. Such instantaneous feedback enables researchers to swiftly adjust recruitment and research strategies to ensure greater representation.

A case study–From the Nordics to remote Brazil

SMERUD, headquartered in the Nordics, extends its operations to Brazil's distant locales. Using Viedoc's eClinical suite, they overcome linguistic barriers and cut down on in-person visits, thereby elevating participation rates. This strategy not only heightens participant comfort but also refines data collection, making global studies more achievable. Read the case study.

A Melting Pot: Diversity at Viedoc

Viedoc champions diversity throughout the organization. Thriving in a multicultural environment, our team is epitomized by employees from 38 different nationalities collaborating harmoniously. This diverse blend enriches our perspectives, fostering a global mindset crucial for serving our varied client base.

Our 20th-anniversary celebrations in May 2023 serve as testament. Held in Sweden, this gathering brought together employees from diverse corners of the world. Representing over 30 nations in the world, the event was a melting pot of team-building activities, value-driven discussions, and a collective deep dive into the very essence of our team culture.


"The main reason around our success is our diversity.”
– Mats Klaar, CEO

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