September 29, 2023

We are extending our free software license offer to support the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Contract research organizations, sponsors, academic institutions, and universities can apply for free licenses to find a cure for some of the world’s most deadly diseases.

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Following the positive response to our offer of free licenses at the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Viedoc is now offering licenses to accelerate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Eligible contract research organizations (CROs), sponsors, academic institutions, and universities working to combat diseases covered by SDG 3 can apply. SDG 3.3 specifies the need to end the epidemics of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis B, and neglected tropical diseases. Meanwhile, SDG 3.b stresses the importance of supporting the research and development of vaccines and medicines for communicable and non-communicable diseases primarily affecting developing countries.

Reaching the targets

Collaboration is needed among governments, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, and the private sector to meet the UN targets successfully. 

The global community has made progress in combating these diseases—with headways made to relieve sufferers of the worst symptoms—but challenges persist, and the situation can vary greatly from one region to another. 

Developing countries typically lack adequate resources and face steep economic costs for treating infectious diseases. The economic cost of care for non-communicable diseases is also significant.

Let’s end epidemics

CROs, sponsors, academic institutions, and universities can support SDG 3 by contributing their expertise, resources, and capabilities to advance research, development, and implementation efforts related to these diseases. These organizations can evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs, vaccines, and treatment regimens through clinical trials and research. This is essential for developing innovative and effective interventions.

How Viedoc helps

A leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2, Viedoc is perfectly matched to the challenge of fast and flexible set-ups and with famously easy-to-learn solutions. We offer full support for decentralized clinical trials, fast setup times (50% faster than other systems), high-level security measures, and global support.

Check eligibility criteria and apply

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Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2
Oct 19, 2023

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