September 11, 2023

Pharmaceutical Technology is an industry-leading B2B portal covering pharmaceutical companies, trial sponsors, deals, and trends from more than 80 markets globally. At its 2023 Excellence Awards, Viedoc was presented with two awards within the Data Management category: Innovation and Product Launches.

Innovation lies at the core of Viedoc's offerings, where the company's products garner recognition in this field for their extensive array of features. These features serve to simplify participation in clinical trials and foster collaboration through a user-friendly interface—along with mobile accessibility for data capture in regions where trial site access may be limited.

Product launches have catapulted Viedoc to recognition—thanks to the company's steadfast commitment to consistent and incremental updates to the platform. Notably, our comprehensive user-interface optimization project has completely reimagined the way Viedoc users engage with data.

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In addition to the 2023 Pharmaceutical Technology Excellence Awards, Viedoc received four Global Data awards for Marketing, Business Expansion, Innovation, and Product Launches in the 2023 Clinical Trials Arena Excellence Awards.

In June 2023, Viedoc was placed at the top of the EDC segment by peer-to-peer review site G2. It received special recognition for its unparalleled customer focus, underscored by its net customer retention rate, which surged to 125%. 

These remarkable achievements and recognition at the 2023 Pharmaceutical Technology Excellence Awards underscore Viedoc’s pivotal role in reshaping the future of pharmaceutical research.

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Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2
Oct 11, 2023

"Viedoc makes building a study easy and fun. It doesn't require extensive coding knowledge; it's quick to get in and start working."