Antonio Mastroianni — now part of the Viedoc team

Antonio Mastroianni
Director of Business development

Viedoc Technologies has been enjoying incredible growth over the years but never more than it has now. And part of the growth is within our Business Development department.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Antonio Mastroianni to our team as Director of Business development. Born and raised in the USA, Antonio has lived in Europe with his family for over 17 yrs. He brings with him years of experience in the Life Science industry and, more specifically, a great understanding of the CRO side of the industry. He has worked with countless sponsors over the years, helping them succeed with their trials with his in-depth knowledge of the industry and Viedoc.

Antonio will be responsible for Scandinavia, Germany, and the Baltics. Contact him today and find out how he can help you succeed.

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Register now for the Viedoc virtual UGM

It's that time of year again—time to register for the Viedoc Virtual User Group meeting. For understandable reasons, this year's event will be held online.

The meeting will be a condensed version of our usual UGMs. Even if we cannot do it in person, it will still be filled with informative speakers and exciting information on upcoming releases.

Because the meeting will be online, we are opening the meeting to all our friends worldwide. The main focus for this event will be our European and American markets, but please feel free to sign up even if the time doesn't work for you.

The time of the event will be between 3 pm. and 5 pm. Central European Time / 9 am-11 am. – Eastern Standard Time. The UGM will be recorded so anyone who registers will have a chance to view anything they may have missed at a time that works for you.

Register now.

More information will be sent out soon with more details on the event.

Bonjour Paris!

Things are going well for us at Viedoc, so well, we are opening yet another office. Just a short time ago, we opened an office in Philadelphia among thousands of industry clients. This time we're opening an office in Paris, one of the world's most important business and cultural centers. France is the world's seventh biggest economy and has a large and thriving life science industry.

The Paris region hosts an abundance of international corporations and pharmaceutical laboratories, including Pfizer, GSK, Novartis, Astra Zeneca, and Roche, alongside national players such as Sanofi, Pierre Fabre, L'Oréal, Servier, Ipsen, and Guerbet. So, the choice of Paris was a natural one. From there, we will serve all our French-speaking clients and reach out to new ones with ease.

The office will be in the heart of Paris in the middle of all the action.
Bureau du Conseiller Commercial de l'Ambassade de Suède, 6 rue d'Uzès, F-75002 Paris, France.

For more information

Introducing Templates

Viedoc shortens setup times while raising standards by introducing study templates

The life science industry has been challenged into rapidly changing how clinical trials are conducted. For Covid-19 studies, there has been a need to act more swiftly and set up databases faster than ever before. But the need for high-quality setups is still as high as ever before. After the pandemic, it will continue to be advantageous for companies to shorten setup times while maintaining quality in the race to return to normal. To ensure our clients can produce the highest quality setups while saving time, Viedoc is now introducing study templates.

Shorter setup times—today
Viedoc provides industry-leading setup times already today. Because Viedoc is a unified database, achieving rapid setup times is built into its DNA. All Viedoc's features and functionalities are accessible with a single login. The Designer and Admin tools are used for all configurations in Viedoc studies. The entire study design is also made in one application—no integrations, no delays, no hassle.

New studies in under four weeks
When designing a new study in Viedoc, the CRF library supplies users with a rich set of forms and associated edit checks. Using the provided CDISC CDASH forms, short-time study builds are the norm. Because Viedoc natively supports CDISC ODM files, you can:

  • easily import a previous study design in the CDISC ODM format
  • including all settings
  • make the necessary changes
  • and, most importantly, go live quickly

Because there is only one Designer tool for your configuration, tasks including any of the following are completed without complication: form creation, edit checks, configurable roles, workflow process, integrations, ePRO/eCOA, randomization, and supply management, medical coding, and more.

So, what's new?
Even the most experienced study designer can learn new tricks. From October, study designers using Viedoc will have access to three high-quality pre-designed studies made by our professional services team. These studies can be used in whole or in part. Included with these sample studies are eCRF form templates, validation documents, and more, all to get you started as quickly as possible. Those with less experience building studies will see industry best practices in use and learn from them. Experienced users can save time by "cherry-picking" the best bits and raise their quality standards to standards of excellence.

Enjoy your trial!

Robert McGrath joins the Viedoc team

Robert McGrath
VP Business Development NA

Robert McGrath will be heading our Business Development department for the US market and strengthening our team throughout the region. After an extensive search for the ideal candidate, the choice of Robert was clear. His combination of knowledge, business savvy, and likability is a natural fit for the Viedoc team.

Robert has many successful years of experience within the Life Science industry. And his background gives him an extensive understanding of the US market and customers' needs.

While Viedoc has enjoyed enormous success in markets outside of North America, we are now expanding to increase our success in the US. Robert's onboarding is a significant step in our vision to give everyone access to world-leading eClinical software. His focus will be to foster client relations and expand our customer base.

The sales team and the entire staff welcome Robert to the Viedoc family.

Viedoc chosen in large data-driven cancer study

Aurigene Discovery Technologies partnered with Viedoc for the full Viedoc eClinical suite to use in a comprehensive Phase III study for the treatment of inoperable lung cancer.

PRESS RELEASE / 2020-08-31

“Clinical results from the Phase II trial have shown efficacy signals of prolonged PFS and tumor reductions in non-squamous NSCLC. The pivotal ASIAD-II study is a vital step moving forward. Large, double-blinded, randomized oncology studies are often complicated and complex. This multi-center study will be conducted at approximately 30 sites” - stated Murali Ramachandra, the CEO of Aurigene.

Commenting on the partnership between companies, Murali said, "We are pleased to partner with Viedoc for its integrated eClinical suite to facilitate the acceleration of this study. This study is significant for Aurigene and the outcome of this trial will pave the way for further studies in the western markets. We along with the Viedoc team’s expertise look forward to a desired outcome."

Henrik Blombergsson COO at Viedoc Technologies is in complete agreement, saying: "It's always a pleasure to see sponsors using the full capacity of the Viedoc suite enabling efficiencies in the trial to help reach the market faster.”

The ASIAD-2 study will commence during Q3 of 2020 and is expected to enroll over 3 years. Patients will receive study drug for a year and will be followed for additional 4 years.

Aurigene Discovery Technologies is a drug discovery company committed to the vision of being the most respected and valued scientific collaborator in India. In over 12 years of working with Pharma, Biotech and Academic partners, in a variety of Therapeutic Areas, Biologies and Chemistries and over 75 integrated Drug Discovery projects, Aurigene has contributed to delivering over 15 small molecule and peptide drug candidates to its biotech and pharmaceutical partners.

Viedoc Technologies is the developer of Viedoc, a comprehensive cloud-based eClinical platform built to improve the efficiency of data collection when conducting any clinical trial. Over 2 000 studies in all therapeutic areas and clinical phases around the globe have used Viedoc since its conception in 2003.  Viedoc is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, and has offices in the US, Japan, and China, as well as support staff in India.

Created by industry professionals with decades of experience, Viedoc blends innovation with design to simplify your workday. Our mission is to be at the forefront of eClinical innovation by developing new, smarter ways to help all clients succeed.

For more information please contact Henrik Blombergsson at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Viedoc speaks your language

eLearning now in Chinese and Japanese, and seven new languages in ViedocMe

Our clients are used to Viedoc continuously improving. After all, we release an updated version of our software every 6-8 weeks. Viedoc's eLearning is no different — it just keeps getting better.

We introduced a completely new eLearning a while back that provides users with a more comprehensive user guide and detailed step-by-step instructions with more images and examples.

It's easier than ever to learn how to use Viedoc. Our eLearning is continually updated with information about the newly added/modified features in Viedoc. And every time it is, the new stuff is highlighted, making it easier for you to see what's new.

In the 4.60 release, apart from the new data masking functionality and the addition of the VIRP packet, the focus has been languages. Now we've translated our eLearning to Japanese and Chinese for all Designer documentation, completing the eLearning for our Asian markets.

Support for customer-specific lessons, where clients can write their documentation in the Viedoc eLearning format, is also available. Not only that, but documentation can be tailored and targeted to specific roles in the system, ensuring time and energy is spent on the things that matter.

We've also been studying hard and learned seven new languages to add to ViedocMe. ViedocMe now supports the following new system languages: Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Estonian, French (Belgium), Georgian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.

All this to ensure we speak the same language.

Introducing Data Masking

Maintaining data integrity, accountability, and traceability is key in clinical trials but can conflict with data privacy requirements. The immutable audit trail that is mandated can become an irreversible privacy breach if personally identifiable information is entered by mistake. For this purpose, Viedoc now introduces a privacy breach masking function.

This feature allows the site to mask data values that contain personally identifiable information and have been removed from the CRF, but are still exposed in the audit trail. Technically, it's a filter that sits on top of the audit trail and prevents anyone not having the auditor role, or regulatory inspector role, from examining the information beneath it.

With Viedoc 4.60 coming out this August, you can mask any personally identifiable information that is entered by mistake just as easily as you edit a record. How cool is that?!

Enjoy your trial.

Viedoc Inspection Readiness Packet—VIRP

Viedoc Technologies has recently published a white paper on how to be prepared for inspection when working in Viedoc.

Regulatory authorities expect to be able to review relevant documentation about the chosen systems used in a clinical trial. This expectation puts pressure on the sponsors and their representatives (CROs) to present the proper documentation upon inspection. But what is relevant? What should the sponsor or their representative have on hand and what can they expect the system supplier to deliver?

The white paper explains how Viedoc addresses inspector expectations on computerized systems used in clinical research. The paper details how Viedoc complies with clinical regulations, and how best to help you prepare for inspection by regulatory authorities.

The Viedoc Inspection Readiness Packet gives you access to all the necessary information you are expected to know about Viedoc and also advises on what additional documents you should have on hand if you should be inspected.

The white paper covers all of this, and much more, including:

  • Inspection Readiness
    • EMA CGP IWG Inspector Expectations
    • FDA Expectations
    • PDMA Expectations 
  • Viedoc Inspection Readiness Packet
    • Sourcing a system for your trial
    • Available documentation
    • Documents you produce
    • Additional documents kept by you
  • Validations to perform
  • Pitfalls to be avoided

Get ready to be prepared — read the white paper now to learn more.

Viedoc Most Valuable Professionals

The Viedoc Most Valuable Professionals (Viedoc MVP) is awarded to individuals for outstanding contributions within the Viedoc community. Viedoc Technologies acknowledges those who are willing to share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Viedoc and clinical trials. Our management team gives this award to individuals for their contributions, accomplishments, and achievements over the years.

This time around, the acknowledgment of MVP is given to Divya Suryanarayanan, Head of Viedoc Services at Zifo Technologies. The number of people to pick from did not make the decision easy.  However, the choice was obvious because of Divya's years of commitment to the Viedoc Community. She has always shown tireless devotion through customer service and imaginative solutions to any challenge she faces. As an outstanding speaker, Divya has, over the years, promoted Viedoc at many speaking events. Always greeting any individual with her positive nature and in-depth knowledge in the field of clinical research, she has been, without fail, a faithful ambassador of the Viedoc eClinical suite.

We wish to extend our thanks to Divya for her continued efforts and contributions to the Viedoc community and the Life Sciences industry.

Happy Easter!

From Viebee and the entire Viedoc team, we wish everyone in the Viedoc community a happy and healthy Easter weekend.

Announcement of Employment

Axel Stael von Holstein
VP Business Development EMEA

UPPSALA / 2020-04-01

Viedoc Technologies is happy to announce the onboarding of Axel Stael von Holstein as Vice President of Business Development as of March 30th, 2020.

Axel comes to us with a long and varied experience within sales in the Life Science industry. His background gives him an extensive understanding of the market and our customers' needs.

Axel will be heading our Business Development department for the European market. His focus is to strengthen client relations and expand our customer base.

Filling the position of VP Business Development will ensure Viedoc's continued strong growth in Europe and around the world.

The Business Development team and entire Viedoc staff welcome Axel onboard.

Viedoc offers free licenses to support the global race for a COVID-19 vaccine

NEVER BEFORE HAS TIME BEEN MORE OF THE ESSENCE. We encourage every company in our field to join us in supporting the global research community in this effort. To do our part, Viedoc Technologies is offering free access to our software in all 2020 COVID-19 trials. Simply because it is the right thing to do.

Viedoc was created to help life science companies bring therapies to market faster by developing more efficient EDC technology. At no time has the impact of this mission been more evident than with the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). Only recently it would have been unthinkable to produce a completely new vaccine within the time frames that are being suggested today.

The outbreak of this virus has been responsible for the deaths of thousands globally and infected many more in a short period of time. The World Health Organization recently declared this to be a pandemic, only the fifth outbreak of this magnitude in over 120 years. Many measures are being taken by governments around the world to slow the extent of this novel virus. These steps taken are essential in slowing the spread to give the global scientific community time to find a vaccine.

We at Viedoc Technologies understand the importance and urgency of this unprecedented situation. This is why we are offering Viedoc free of charge to any institution in the search for a Covid-19 vaccine for the remainder of 2020.

For additional information, please contact us at Enable JavaScript to view protected content., and find out how we can get your study up and running in no time. Together, we can get a vaccine to market as soon as possible. In a world where minutes matter, we believe eClinical software can make a difference, one study at a time.

Responding to COVID-19 Viedoc continues fully operational

Viedoc has always been aware of how vital data safety, security, and access are to our customers. No matter the circumstances, we are committed to maintaining the high level of service expected of our clients.

Viedoc Technologies has been a stable provider of eClinical solutions for close to two decades now. We have always placed data integrity and security as our highest priority. The stability of our system has, in part, led to Viedoc's success and made us the dependable vendor we are today. Viedoc has always prioritized the security of data making us one of the most reliable players on the global market.

Just as important as the systems that run Viedoc are the people behind Viedoc. Our management team is continually monitoring the events surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The team's priorities are to ensure the safety of our staff and their families. And in doing so, assure the delivery of high-quality service to all our clients.


Is Viedoc prepared?
Yes. We have implemented our long-established business continuity plan in case of an event of this magnitude to ensure safe and smooth operations moving forward, including that of our suppliers. With offices around the world, we have executed a work-from-home strategy to mitigate any possible infection of our team to keep them healthy and secure.

Have actions have been taken?
A risk management group has been formed to monitor the progress of the current crisis and some precautionary messures have been take to minimize risks. For example most of your employees are woking home based to ensure as few as possible get sick at the same time. We have also been in touch with all of our suppliers to ensure continued service.

Will access to my trial data be affected due to the outbreak?
No. We see no risk for service interruptions at this time. Viedoc is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers in several locations around the world with robust redundancies and frequent backups allowing us to stand by our Service Level Agreements.

Is my data safe?
Absolutely. Our technicians monitor the well-being of the system every minute of every day, year-round. With data centers spread over the world, our shared resources give our platform robust endurance being able to share resources to even any load.

Will everyone in my study continue to have access?
Yes. Being a web-based solution gives all users the flexibility of working from wherever there is internet access. Remote monitoring during the Corona outbreak has become necessary for many, which is done simply and efficiently with Viedoc.

How stable is Viedoc Technologies, the company behind Viedoc? 
Viedoc Technologies is a new name for many. However, we have been in this industry for nearly two decades. We have a broad and fantastic clientele spread over the globe. Our global presence is a strength allowing us to share duties and lighten the load whenever and wherever needed. All of this enables us to uphold a sound, safe, and robust system to the tens of thousands who use Viedoc every day.

For information about this or for any other questions you may have on data security and system quality, please reach out to us at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Announcement of promotion

Yusuke Nakazawa takes the position of General Manager at the Japanese offices on the 1st of March 2020

Yusuke Nakazawa
General Manager Viedoc Japan

Nakazawa-san joined Pharma Consulting Group Japan KK in 2012 and since then has proved to be an invaluable member of the company. Beginning as a Technical Data Manager and working closely with all our Japanese clients, he has developed a fundamental understanding of the customers’ needs. Over the years he has held several positions within the company. Yet, customer needs have always been the primary focus for Nakazawa-san.

His promotion to the position of General Manager will ensure that PCG Japan and Viedoc will maintain their focus on the client. He will also secure continued growth and stability in the Asian markets.

PCG Solutions changes name to Viedoc Technologies

PRESS RELEASE / 2020-03-06

Fast-growing SaaS company PCG Solutions, provider of industry-leading eClinical solution Viedoc™, changes name to Viedoc Technologies.

For almost two decades, PCG Solutions has been developing Viedoc™, a market-leading eClinical solution for pharmaceutical companies and organizations conducting clinical trials. Viedoc is applicable across all market segments and used for clinical trials worldwide, meeting all regulatory standards, including ICH GCP, 21 CFR part 11, HIPAA.

PCG Solutions has long been synonymous with its product, which is why the name change to Viedoc Technologies is a natural step to further strengthen the brand around the world.

"This is the beginning of a new chapter. We have an exciting future ahead, continuing our rapid growth trajectory, and the name change reflects our commitment to keep Viedoc at the forefront of eClinical technology," says Mats Klaar CEO.

Continuing the work for a healthier world, Viedoc Technologies remains committed to providing the same degree of excellence to our clients.

For more information, contact:
Mats Klaar, CEO Viedoc Technologies AB, +46 708 244 370, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

About Viedoc Technologies
Viedoc Technologies, the developer of the SaaS platform Viedoc™ founded 2003, is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, with offices in the U.S., Japan, and China. Viedoc™ is a comprehensive cloud-based platform built to improve the efficiency of data collection in clinical trials. Over 2 000 studies, across all therapeutic areas and clinical phases and in more than 70 countries, have used Viedoc. Created by industry professionals with decades of experience, Viedoc blends innovation with design to simplify the users’ workday. Viedoc Technologies’ mission is to be at the forefront of eClinical innovation by developing new, smarter ways to help clients succeed with their trials.

Fully integrated supply management system now part of Viedoc

Viedoc Logistics Released

For many years, Viedoc has offered the capability of randomizing patients directly within the system — with both static and dynamic randomization as well as the recently added ability for advanced allocation. Now we have enhanced the functionality by adding a fully integrated supply management system designed to optimize and secure the inventory of your trial. The new feature offers a wide range of capabilities with configurable settings designed to provide everything you can expect from a modern RTSM system. We call it Viedoc Logistics.

Fully integrated into the system, Viedoc Logistics provides real-time visibility and integration with the eCRFs. Setup is quick and minimal training is required to get started. Detailed audit trails, product shipment tracking, unblinding and re-supply alerts are some of the built-in benefits that eliminate risks to patient safety and data integrity.

Designed in Viedoc style, Viedoc Logistics puts the user in focus. The simple, graphical interface guides you through the tasks without visual distractions, and strategically arranged tools ensure an optimized workflow. As usual, and as with all features, this new functionality is supported with our intuitive eLearning system.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about how Viedoc Logistics can meet the requirements of your study. Click here to request a demo.

Viedoc has landed!

PRESS RELEASE / 2020-01-24

Viedoc Inc recently received corporation status in the United States.

Viedoc has been bringing success to clinical trials around the world since PCG Solutions was founded in 2003. Originating in Scandinavia (the home of cutting-edge thinkers such as Skype and Spotify) our first offices were in based Uppsala, Sweden. Our expansion then moved across the globe to Tokyo, Japan. A few years later, we continued our expansion and moved into the Chinese market.

We have had overwhelming success in these markets, and as people continue to discover us, our limits know no bounds. To date, Viedoc has been used in over 2000 clinical trials in over 75 countries.

Now it's time for the American market. While we have served the North American market since our beginning, the time has come to expand into the world's largest market. We have now opened a subsidiary in the US to come closer to our clients.

"This represents a major step in our vision to give everyone access to world-leading eClinical software" Henrik Blombergsson C.O.O. and Co-Founder. Who continues, "Our establishment in the American market makes us truly a global provider covering all time zones and regions in the world, allowing us to provide a truly world-class service with a world-class product."

The US offices will be headquartered in Philadelphia and serve all of our North American clients.

Visit us at any of the various conferences we will be attending over the coming year or at any time on our webpage

Getting off to a good start in 2020

We have just closed out another successful year here at Viedoc and begun the start of a brand-new year and decade.

Over the past decade, Viedoc has had a significant impact on the industry and the coming decade is sure to be even more amazing. To start the year, we will be releasing Viedoc Logistics which will complete our RTSM module. This release continues our quest to simplify studies by bringing supply management and logistics with full inventory control to Viedoc users.

Viedoc Logistics is just one of the many innovations we are working on to continually improve the way trials are run. We look forward to exciting growth ahead and are already busy working on our next new features and improvements to ensure we deliver the best possible eClinical experience to our users for years to come.

Make sure to follow us on social media or on our website to join us on our journey.

Happy New Year and best wishes for the new decade ahead.

Straub Medical selects Viedoc

PRESS RELEASE / 2019-12-04

Straub Medical has signed a master service agreement with PCG Solutions and has recently launched their first study powered by Viedoc.

After previously working with other eClinical systems, Straub Medical recently chose to add Viedoc to their portfolio.

“Viedoc has an intuitive interface for users working at the clinical study site as well as for data monitors and data managers,” says Dr. Torsten Böhler, Head of Clinical Affairs at Straub Medical.

“We’re happy to work with the Straub Medical team and to have launched their first study on time and within budget. Our aim has always been to develop a system intuitive enough to be easily adapted and used by all roles within any trial. It is gratifying to work with companies that share our values of high quality and reliability" says Henrik Blombergsson, C.O.O. and co-founder of Viedoc.

About Straub Medical
Straub Medical AG develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for treatment of vascular disease. The systems developed by Straub Medical AG have opened new and more efficient pathways for the treatment of vascular occlusions. The systems allow for minimally invasive removal of the occlusion material from the blood vessel in a fast, safe and cost-effective manner. The product range additionally includes guidewires, introducer sheaths and a system for the prevention of embolism during medical interventions. Straub Medical AG markets its products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

For more information, please contact:
Mats Klaar, C.E.O. Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Henrik Blombergsson, Co-founder & COO Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Growth partner joins PCG to continue the expansion of Viedoc

Stockholm-based investment firm Monterro joins PCG to continue the expansion of Viedoc by further developing the product, strengthening the organization, and accelerating its international expansion.

“PCG has been identified as one of the most promising growth companies in the market with a highly competitive and scalable multi-tenant SaaS platform based on 20 years of industry experience. PCG has strong business momentum and has successfully established a global presence, with large customer bases in Sweden, China, Japan and elsewhere. We´re excited to work together with PCG to further accelerate the growth and continue to develop the product”, says Peter Larsson, Managing Partner at Monterro.

Read the full press-release here.

Viedoc now operates in Microsoft Azure

After months of preparations and several weekends of work from our IT-team, we are happy to announce that Viedoc now operates in the Microsoft Azure platform. This means that all our clients outside of the Asian market continue to have their data located within the EU, but now in France as opposed to Sweden.

The move to Azure took place in several steps throughout 2019. This included administration, analysis, validations and more. The final stage of the migration was executed in September, working into the early hours of Sunday 29th. Our Product Operations Manager was one of the lucky ones performing the move:

“We had to extend our service window between 02:00 and 07:00 UTC to be able to make the final step – moving the database. Everything went smoothly but we finished one hour past planned end time, due to the amount of data.”

Viedoc is developed and operated using Microsoft frameworks and products. And Microsoft is in the forefront of cloud computing development and is certified in ISO/IEC 27001, 27017 (cloud) and 27018 (cloud privacy). Therefore, Azure was the natural choice.

What can our clients expect from now on, when Viedoc uses Azure as platform?

“There are no changes to the actual system that our users can see. But in general, we now have larger capability with access to more redundancy and more resources – leading to even better availability for our clients using Viedoc.”

Sounds great! What other benefits are there from this migration?

“Well, the migration to Azure goes hand in hand with our next goal, which is to become certified in ISO 27001. Since Azure is also certified, we all benefit from using a vendor that has a standardized and globally recognized security work.”

Thank you to the whole IT-team. Good job!

Join us at the User Group Meeting in Paris

Viedoc PMS – new product!

It’s soon time again for another User Group Meeting with Viedoc. Join us, this time in Paris, on November 28th for another rewarding and educational day where we will share our experiences and learn from each other’s best practices.

All current customers are welcome to participate as well as companies and organizations interested in networking, sharing experiences and learning more about Viedoc. This UGM will cover the latest Viedoc updates and features, the 2020 roadmap as well as interesting use cases from some of our clients.

The meeting between 11:00 and 17:00 with a break for lunch will be followed by a chance to mingle starting at 17:00.

Registration is now open so make sure to secure your spot as it is a limited ticket event.

Register today

Nordic CRO Larix signs Master Service Agreement with Viedoc

Viedoc PMS – new product!

PRESS RELEASE / 2019-06-25

Nordic full-service CRO Larix has signed a master service agreement with Viedoc and will soon initiate the first clinical study powered by the Viedoc EDC system.

“Viedoc’s big selling points are their streamlined setup process and a highly user-friendly interface. That’s exactly what our small- and middle-sized clients in the biotech industry are looking for in an EDC system,” says Lisa Thell, Director Data Management at Larix.

Larix works with several different EDC systems depending on the client and study at hand.

“With Viedoc, we get an EDC system which allows our clients to focus entirely on their research, instead of spending large amounts of time on lengthy setup processes and learning how to manage the system. We want the best solution for every given study when offering an EDC solution to our clients.”  

“We’re excited to start working with Larix and get the first study underway. Our goal from the start has been to make electronic data capture smarter, faster and easier than ever before – so it’s rewarding that Larix has chosen our system based on those exact factors,” says Henrik Blombergsson, COO and co-founder Viedoc.

About Larix
Larix is a family founded, privately-owned CRO offering solutions in statistics, data management, clinical operations, medical writing,  pharmacovigilance and data monitoring committees. Larix was founded in 2001 by Klaus Juel Olsen. In 2003, the company expanded with services within data management, and additional statisticians were employed. The clinical research service was added in 2008, simultaneously with an independent QA function. In 2010 the services were broadened to include pharmacovigilance. In 2015 Larix expanded to Sweden, Norway and Finland and as next step the Swedish office is now moving into Medicon Village in Lund. With more than 60 highly-qualified employees Larix has broad experience and therapeutic expertise in all aspects of clinical development in the biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

For more information, please contact:
John Overend, Sales and Marketing Manager Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Henrik Blombergsson, Co-founder & COO Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

New partnership with Peking University – provides cloud-based EDC from within China

PRESS RELEASE / 2019-04-23

Viedoc today announced its partnership with Peking University Clinical Research Institute (PUCRI), a world-renowned academic center dedicated to enhancing the development of high-quality clinical research and health innovation in China.

The partnership will accelerate the adoption of the Viedoc platform across the Chinese clinical research sector and, in doing so, help life sciences companies improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity across China's clinical research programs.

PUCRI has a wide range of partners within the clinical research sector, including government organizations, over 300 hospitals, hundreds of pharmaceutical companies and CROs across the country. As a result of PUCRI’s partnership with Viedoc, the university will be provided with cloud-based EDC technology, served from servers within China.

"We are delighted to initiate a partnership with Viedoc. Being able to store data within China is extremely important for Chinese domestic companies. By working with Viedoc, we look forward to advancing clinical development in China and serving as a bridge between top modern EDC technology and innovative drug development", says Prof Yangfeng Wu at PUCRI.

Yvonne Zhou, Viedoc’s managing director China, says: "This is a collaboration that benefits all parties. Leveraging PUCRI's clinical trial expertise will enable us to serve more life sciences organizations in China and to accelerate drug development, allowing patients to access new therapies faster, both from the local market and around the world."

About Peking University Clinical Research Institute(PUCRI)
Peking University Clinical Research Institute (PUCRI) was founded in 2008, under the direct leadership of Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC), as the first university-established public platform in China specialized in teaching, research, services, training, organizational coordination and technical support of clinical research. The institute also hosts the Peking University - APEC Regulatory Science Center of Excellence.

PUCRI is committed to improving clinical research in China, to promote the innovation in clinical medicine and hence people's well-being. PUCRI provides technical support to various clinical studies including new drug development, specifically research design, execution, quality management, data management and statistical analysis.

For more information, please contact any of the following:
Yvonne Zhou, Managing Director Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
John Overend, Global Director of Sales and Marketing Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Henrik Blombergsson, Co-founder & COO Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Oslo University Hospital signs 10-year enterprise deal with Viedoc

Viedoc PMS – new product!

PRESS RELEASE / 2019-03-06

Collaboration to increase efficiencies in academic research across Norway

Viedoc has signed a 10-year deal with Oslo University Hospital (OUH), the biggest contributor to medical and healthcare research conducted at Norwegian hospitals. The deal is an extension of Viedoc and OUH’s long-standing collaboration to help academic research improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity.

"We are delighted to further strengthen our partnership with Viedoc. This extended partnership will provide better services and will constitute an important tool for academic research in Norway", says Cecilie Moe, Manager Data Management Section, OUH.

The partnership deal spans over 10 years with an option to additional 5+5 years. The deal will secure OUH’s access to Viedoc’s EDC technology, which will be instrumental in optimizing local drug development programs by bringing operational efficiencies and greater speed to clinical trials.

John Overend, Viedoc’s Managing Director Sales and Marketing, "It is extremely satisfying to see that Viedoc is OUH’s top EDC choice not only today but also in 10 years’ time. It confirms that we have one of the world’s most modern EDC platforms”.

About Oslo University Hospital
Oslo University Hospital carry out advanced patient treatment, research and trial treatments, give advice and provide education on international levels. The hospital is Scandinavia’s largest and each year carry out more than 1.2 million patient treatments. Oslo University Hospital is responsible for approximately 50 percent of all medical and healthcare research conducted at Norwegian hospitals and is a significant role player within the education of a large variety of health care personnel.

For more information, please contact:
John Overend, Sales and Marketing Manager Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Henrik Blombergsson, Co-founder & COO Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Blueclinical Expands Business with Viedoc to Accelerate Bioequivalence and Early-Stage Clinical Studies

Viedoc PMS – new product!

PRESS RELEASE / 2019-02-05

Viedoc is expanding its partnership with Portuguese clinical research organization Blueclinical to help facilitate more efficient drug development. Blueclinical will increase its use of Viedoc as part of its service offering and will double the number of studies from current 15 to 30 performed with Viedoc. The contract period for the new deal is for three years.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Viedoc to support our clinical research. Blueclinical has used Viedoc for many years and together we will continue helping sponsors to deliver more efficient and effective trials,” says Luis Almeida, CEO of Blueclinical.

“Blueclinical has been with us for more than five years and we are delighted to see that our long term strategy with our customers is appreciated and are of course happy that Blueclinical are increasing their business with us”, says Viedoc Sales and Marketing Manager, John Overend.

About Blueclinical
Blueclinical is a privately owned independent full-service CRO focused on bioequivalence and early-stage clinical studies in healthy subjects and patients, translational medicine consultancy and site management. Blueclinical’s own Clinical Pharmacology Unit is in Porto, Portugal. Their 61-bed clinical ward benefits from its hospital location for access to logistic services and emergency support.

For more information, please contact:
John Overend, Sales and Marketing Manager Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Henrik Blombergsson, Co-founder & COO Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Uppsala University Hospital facilitates patient studies with Viedoc

Viedoc PMS – new product!

PRESS RELEASE / 2018-12-18

The Clinical Research and Development Unit at Uppsala University hospital has signed a three-year contract to use Viedoc as their primary EDC system. The hospital now has access to a world-class EDC and ePRO solution. The two parties will also be working together to further develop Viedoc in order to find improved ways to facilitate clinical research.

“Viedoc provides Uppsala University Hospital with the resources to carry out more numerous and more effective clinical studies,” says Henrik Blombergsson, co-founder and COO of Viedoc.

The R&D Unit at Uppsala University Hospital’s cancer clinic will now use Viedoc in all its clinical studies. The unit accounts for about half of all clinical trials performed at the hospital. Currently, nearly 200 studies are ongoing. One goal of the partnership with Viedoc is that every patient will be able to volunteer for a research study, if they wish to do so. 

“A structured, organized partnership means that we reduce our costs for clinical studies. At the same time, we can contribute to technology development for clinical studies in the cancer field, which benefits both our own research groups and many others," says Peter Asplund, Department Manager and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, in a press release.

In addition to contracting a new high-profile client and enabling research, the partnership will give Viedoc important feedback. 

“Even though our system is built primarily for end users – the individual examiner or researcher – our dialogue is usually carried out exclusively with the client, which can be anything from pharmaceuticals to biotech companies and CRO’s. Now we will get more feedback straight from the end users”, says Henrik Blombergsson, and continues:

“Uppsala University Hospital is at the forefront of several research fields and Viedoc’s ambition is to lead the development of Electronic Data Capturing, so this is a fitting partnership. We’re looking forward to initiate the project.”

For more information, please contact:
Mats Klaar, CEO Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Henrik Blombergsson, Co-founder & COO Viedoc, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

Viedoc PMS – new product!

Viedoc PMS – new product!

The long-anticipated Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS) application, Viedoc PMS™, is finally here! Viedoc PMS was launched Dec 6th, primarily for our Japanese clients, as PMS-studies are conducted differently in Japan compared to the rest of the world. Viedoc PMS is built on the same, world-class platform as our standard Viedoc application, which has been proven by real-world use for the last 5 years in every study phase, therapeutic area, and study type. Viedoc PMS, however, comes with additional features specific to the Japanese PMS workflow, such as support for collecting data in booklets, allowing data to be collected during a specific time period rather than a specific visit date, and sending/receiving data back and forth between site and sponsor – known in Japan as the Kaifu function.

With the addition of Viedoc PMS to Viedoc’s product portfolio, we are now offering the most advanced EDC system in the Japanese market!

Read more about Viedoc PMS

If you are interested in knowing more about this new product, contact us here.

Welcome to the User Group Meeting 21 Nov 2018 in Amsterdam

Welcome to the User Group Meeting 21 Nov 2018 in Amsterdam

Join us in Amsterdam on 21 November for another rewarding and educational day where we will share our experiences and learn from each other.

All current customers are welcome to participate but also companies and organizations interested in networking, sharing experiences and learning more about Viedoc. This UGM will cover the latest Viedoc updates, the 2019/2020 roadmap as well as interesting use cases from some of our clients.

The meeting will be followed by some food and drinks starting at 17:00 at Level Eleven.

Registration is now open so make sure to secure your spot as it is a limited ticket event.

Listen | Contribute | Learn | Network

Read more and register here

Meet us at DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting, June 24th - 28th in Boston

Meet us at DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting, June 24th - 28th in Boston

As always it is great to be part of this annual meeting with thousands of innovators from around the world. Make sure to find us at booth number 2347 where our CEO Mats Klaar and co-founder Sverre Bengtsson will show you the world’s most sophisticated EDC & ePRO solution. We will have live demos to show everyone why our EDC is gaining so much market share lately. With 15 years in the industry Viedoc is now a solid choice for more and more Clinical research companies. Contact us to meet!

Meet us in Barcelona at Oursourcing in Clinical Trials Europe 2018

Meet us in Barcelona at Oursourcing in Clinical Trials Europe 2018

We will be present at the 8th Outsourcing in Clinical Trials in Barcelona. Meet us at booth #64 where our CEO Mats Klaar and co-founder Sverre Bengtsson will show you the world’s most sophisticated EDC & ePRO solution. See how Viedoc is designed to be as intuitive as possible, saving time and frustration from users at every level, allowing clinical trial organizations to have more focus on their own innovation and leadership.

This conference will focus on data and trial technology, as well as pressing partnership and outsourcing challenges and innovations in the industry. Given the latest hot topic of GDPR compliance, we are happy to walk you through all the things we have done to be fully compliant with not only GDPR but also FDA, ICH GCP, GAMP 5, HIPPA, CDISC.

We look forward to seeing you there! Contact us to meet!

Bigger, Stronger & Older!

Bigger, Stronger & Older!

This month we are celebrating 15 years of successful operation! Viedoc is now used in more than 70 countries around the world and more and more studies are started using the world’s # 1 EDC system. Join us in our successful journey by contacting one of our sale representatives today. After the initial demo and product overview you will get access to the platform to be able to evaluate hands-on how a modern EDC product feels.

Enjoy your trial!

Alan Yeomans holding two webinars on eCF Requirements

Alan Yeomans will hold two webinars to a global audience on eCF Requirements

Our knowledgeable Quality Manager Alan Yeomans is once again invited by eClinical Forum to host a webinar to an audience around the world. The webinar is called Requirements for Electronic Data for Regulated Clinical Trials (eCF Requirements) and will be offered twice: March 27th and then again on April 17.

Alan has over 30 years in the industry and has been a speaker at many of the top industry events like eClinical Forum, DIA and CDISC around the world.

Alan has been at the company for 10 years and through the years he has been an essential contributor to the development of Viedoc. Lately, he has supported the Viedoc team on GDPR compliance. Viedoc customers can trust they are using a system that complies with all industry regulations allowing them to concentrate on what they do best!

Viedoc - Enjoy your trial!

Meet us at BIO-EUROPE SPRING March 12- 14, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Meet us at BIO-EUROPE SPRING March 12- 14, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Come meet us in Amsterdam! We’ll be at this year’s Bio-EUROPE SPRING 12th Annual International Partnering Conference. This year’s focus will be innovation and global collaboration. With a presence in 72 countries, and being Industry innovators, it will be exceptionally great to be here and network with professionals from biotech, pharma and finance industries. Contact us to meet there!

2018 ACDM Annual Conference

2018 ACDM Annual Conference

Join us in Brussels, on the 13th of March

We will be in Brussels in March and are very much looking forward to meet professionals in clinical data management. As industry innovators, we look forward to the excellent speaker panel and inspiring industry talks showcasing innovative solutions to everyday challenges as well as new topics on the horizon. We also look forward to showing how Viedoc is the best EDC solution in the market and show our innovative and easy to use product is ahead of the game when it comes to the upcoming GDPR implementations.

Come see us at Booth #4Contact us before the event to meet or set up a demo.

Viedoc Release: Improved patient compliance & advanced scheduling

Version 4.39 out now!

Viedoc Release: Improved patient compliance & advanced scheduling

Viedoc 4.39 is now available and we are happy to say it’s a release where we combine support for improved patient compliance as well as efficiency workflows helping our users focus on what they are good at. In this release you will find the following:

  • Multiple reminders - This is a great supporting feature to improve patient compliance making sure no scheduled ViedocMe activity is forgotten. Unlimited reminders can be set to remind the subject before and or after the scheduled event. 
  • Advanced event and activity scheduling – This is a very nice update with the benefit of easily setting up recurring events. Possibility to define scheduled events as reoccurring which will significantly reduce the effort when setting up events for subject diaries.
  • Repeating forms – This is also supporting the study designers when the same form is needed to be filled in multiple times.
  • Export and API using a specific Viedoc version data structure

Read and download the full notes

Meet us in Orlando Florida at 9th Annual SCOPE Summit

Meet us in Orlando Florida at 9th Annual SCOPE Summit

We are looking forward to attending the 9th SCOPE Summit in Orlando Florida. The summit will offer many interesting discussions in all aspects of clinical trials. Specifically interesting for us will be the discussions about clinical data strategy and analytics. This event brings together over 1400 delegates from industry leading Biotech/CRO/Pharma organizations.

Contact us to meet in Orlando!

User Group Meeting in Tokyo Japan

User Group Meeting in Tokyo Japan

We are very much looking forward to our UGM in Tokyo this coming December 8th. This special event is the third consecutive Japanese Post-marketing surveillance (PMS) UGM. As with other UGM we value the insight gained from the knowledge shared from Pharma companies’ experience in conduction PMS studies for example how to handle the E2B format among many other things.

eClinical Forum Asia Pacific Workshop in Tokyo

eClinical Forum Asia Pacific Workshop in Tokyo

We are attending the eClinical Forum Asia Pacific Workshop in Tokyo the 4th and 5th of December, 2017. Representatives from Azbil, Bristol Meyers Squibb, CSL Behring, ERT, Glaxo Smith Kline, ICON, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Medidata Solutions, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, Oracle and IQVIA are attending to discuss possible solutions to industry issues such as Japanese experiences of eCOA, how to validate computer systems developed using agile methods, GDPR and the Japanese Act on Personal Information Privacy, shared audits, the use of EDC systems for PMS in Japan, new solutions for archiving, the use of blockchain in clinical research and for updates on the work being performed by the various eClinical Forum working groups.

Meet us at the DMB Data Management Biomedical conference

Meet us at the DMB Data Management Biomedical conference

We look forward to the Annual DMB Conference taking place at the “Cité Universitaire Internationale” in Paris on Tuesday November 14th.

This event will bring about 200 clinical data managers from different industry sectors to discuss topics including Oncology Hybrid Study, EU General Data Protection Regulation, Use of Connected devices / Cloud / Artificial Intelligence in Clinical trials, eConsent, and Central Monitoring. A wide variety of companies like Sanofi, Lyon University Hospitals, RENAPE Cancer Network, and more will share their presentations for an anticipated inspiring and educational experience.

Contact us to meet in Paris! Our product specialist, Lorenza Capatini, and Co-founder and Sr. VP Strategic Relations, Sverre Bengtsson will be there to discuss everything from high-to-low tech needs. Reach out to us and learn why Viedoc continues to be highly appraised by data managers.

Join us at the User Group Meeting in Frankfurt

User Group Meeting in Frankfurt

Register today for our European User Group meeting in Frankfurt on November 22.

The User Group Meeting is an excellent opportunity to meet with Viedoc representatives and interact with other users within the industry. Topics include presentations from experts in GDPR, industry insights, Data Integration/API and Viedoc’s latest development and ongoing projects.

Listen | Contribute | Learn | Network

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM CET

Gutleutstraße 85
Frankfurt am Main 60329

Register here

10.00-10.30 Registration and coffee
10.30-10.35 Welcome
10.35-10.45 Business update and latest news, PCG
10.45- 11.10 Release highlights last 12 months, PCG
11.10 - 11:30 Data Integration & API, use-case, PCG
11.30-12.00 Quality Assurance in Viedoc, PCG, Alan Yeomans
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.00 Preparing for the EU GDPR in Clinical and Biomedical Research, Isabelle Abousahl
14.00-14.15 Viedoc roadmap, PCG
14.15-14.30 IWRS integration with Viedoc, Annemarie Wagemans, Danone
14.30-14.45 Standard forms - library: process and governance, Elsbeth Verdonk, Danone
14.45-15.00 ViedocMe use by parents in an infant trial, Hanneke Lankheet, Danone
15.00-15.30 Coffee break
15.30-16.00 CRF Library to Visualization - made easy by Viedoc API, Divya Suryanarayanan, Zifo
16.00-16.20 Challenges working with multiple parties (Sponsor, DM company, CRO), Johan Schilt, Unilever
16.20-16.50 Panel discussion (More details to come)
16.50-17.00 Summary
17.00-19.00 Reception

Due to the limited availability of seats, early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your participation. Please note that we reserve the right to limit the number of people from each company.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the event or how to register. Here is a link to the Roomers hotel where the Viedoc team will be staying at.

Meet us at BIO-Europe 2017

Meet us at BIO-Europe 2017

Meet us in Berlin for BIO-Europe 2017. It is the largest life science partnering conference in the industry with world-class workshops, panels and thousands of pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings. This is the 23rd annual international conference strategically hosted in Berlin as it is one of the leading life sciences and healthcare industries centres in the world.

The partnering one platform is now open. Contact Mr. Sverre Bengtsson, Co-founder and Sr VP Strategic Relations to learn more about Viedoc, the world's most sophisticated EDC & ePRO platform. With an increase in sales with more than 100% over the last two years, Viedoc is currently making a major impact on CROs and biotech companies all around the globe.

Take this opportunity to meet Sverre and find out how Viedoc can help your organization manage your trials in a more efficient, cost-effective and compliant way.

BYOD, App, Web-based Application?

Things to consider when collecting data from patients using ePRO

Patient self-reported data is playing a key part in efficacy, quality of life assessment and safety data collection in clinical trials. Bring Your Own Device, aka BYOD, enables a patient to capture such data on a device the patient is already familiar with, e.g. a smartphone, tablet or computer.

ViedocMe, our web-based ePRO solution, is an integrated part of our EDC platform Viedoc and allows patients to report clinical trial information directly from their mobile devices into the eCRFs available in Viedoc. Thanks to the integration, deploying a study diary and/or questionnaire in ViedocMe is not only more cost-effective than traditional ePRO trials, but can also be done in much less time.

ViedocMe builds on our vision of the future for how to handle patient reported data. For more information and a comparison between different solutions, see our white paper “The Future of ePro Platforms”, written in 2015 and still accurate.

For more info about ViedocMe, read here.

Meet us at NLSDays 2017 in Malmö

Viedoc at NLSDays 2017 in Malmö

We will be at NLS Days Sept. 12-14th!
Sverre Bengtsson, one of our co-founders will be part of the Super Session 5 on Sept. 14, from 8.00 – 9.15 followed by a Q&A. Topic: Preclinical and Clinical Methodological Advancements –Plenary Room – Main Hall

Session description
Many of the service providers in life science R&D have their own research. They provide much more than just an extra pair of hands and they spend high amounts on in house development of their services. With this super session, we will highlight their efforts and importance for the life science ecosystem where many of the companies are small and source for the latest technologies for their research and development.

Contact us to meet up, we look forward to another great NLS Days!

Join us in Orlando at the SCDM 2017 Annual Conference, September 24-27

Join us in Orlando at the SCDM 2017 Annual Conference, September 24-27

This yearly event brings together the largest group of Clinical Data Managers in the world. We have been attending the SCDM conference for many years now, and we are proud to be part of it again. The program is full of exciting keynote speakers, workshops, and sessions. Especially interesting to us will be “eSource and the World of Opportunities” and “Emerging Trends in Clinical Data Capture and Clinical Research Technologies”. Look for booth # 708 and contact us to meet up:

Win a 12-month Viedoc license!
We offer SCDM 2017 participants a chance to win a 12-month license. Below are several ways to enter the raffle:

  1. Come meet us at booth #708 and leave your business card.
  2. Share our social media posts and come to the booth to enter you name.

The winner will be announced after the event and they will be notified via email. After the awarded price is given, the user will have 6 months to start the license.

Restrictions of the 12-month licence are:

  • For phase I/II studies
  • Up to 10 sites

We look forward to being at SCDM and meeting our customers in the US!

Viedoc Release: Facilitating lab data entry and management

Version 4.36 out now!

Reference data & range item

The new Viedoc feature, reference data including the new data element range item, makes it easy to enter data shared by many subjects. By centrally managing the reference data for different data sources it is now possible to fill in the reference values once and these will be automatically populated to the subject forms. As lab data is linked to a data source it is also possible to assign the same data to multiple data sources, allowing the site to choose which reference data to be used for a specific subject visit

Go to Release Notes

Why nominate for the Viedoc Most Valuable Professional Award?

Viedoc Most Valuable Professional

The passion born from improving electronic data capture for clinical trials is still our greatest goal and this has made us a leading provider in the industry. This goal can only be accomplished by the communication and collaboration we have with our users. That is why we have now introduced the Viedoc Most Valuable Professional (Viedoc MVP) award. The Viedoc MVP is given for outstanding contributions within the Viedoc community and to acknowledge those who are willing to share their passion, technical expertise and real-world knowledge of Viedoc, electronic data capture or clinical trials. A Viedoc MVP is awarded for individual contributions and the nominees are selected exclusively by the PCG Solution’s management team based on a review of accomplishments and achievements.

This year, we have given our first Viedoc MVP award to Makoto Yokobori at the User Group Meeting held in Tokyo on 13 June. Mr Yokobori was the first user to get our back end set up training back in 2008. Since then, he has gained and shared in-depth knowledge from all aspects of conducting clinical trials using Viedoc. Mr Yokobori is a true ambassador for good clinical practice and includes this thinking in the study design and how systems can best be incorporated to support and raise the quality of the study. He is full of ideas and has a strong interest in improving and developing the industry, much like why Viedoc was born.

Learn all about the award and how to get nominated in our Viedoc MVP page.

8th Viedoc User Group Meeting Japan

Bigger, Better, Stronger.

UGM Japan 2017

Our yearly Viedoc User Group Meeting (UGM) Japan took place earlier this week on June 13th. It was the 8th consecutive meeting and was held at the Tokyo International Forum. This year’s gathering was the biggest so far. These meetings have been an excellent opportunity to learn from our client’s experience with Viedoc. We hear what they like about it as well as what works and what doesn’t. The forum is a brilliant way get to know our clients. It is created to understand our customer needs better as well as to share information within the industry.

During the meeting, 3 of the largest CROs in Japan presented their proficiency with Viedoc. It was extremely gratifying to learn from their experience and it gave us incredible insight to keep improving our product even more and stay ahead as a world leading EDC provider.

The evening ended with a reception where we further enjoyed talking to our clients. We thank the participation of everyone that made this event a success, and we are already look forward to next year’s event.

Viedoc has the largest geographic reach in Japan. It has become essential to provide this positive platform and we plan to keep with the yearly tradition. While UGM started in Japan, we have had UGMs in other places. The next one will be in the Fall in Frankfurt Germany for our European customers. More information to come on that after the summer.

Meet us at DIA 2017 Global Annual Meeting in Chicago

DIA 2017

Meet us in Chicago JUNE 19-21 and make sure you come by booth 635.  

DIA 2017 is the largest multidisciplinary event that brings together a community of life sciences professionals at all levels and across all disciplines, all with a common goal to foster innovation that will lead to the development of safe and effective medical products and therapies to patients.

Win a 12-month Viedoc license! 

We offer DIA participants a chance to win a 12-month license. Below are several ways to enter the raffle:

  1. Come meet us at booth 635 and leave your business card.
  2. Book a demo. When you pre-book a demo at our booth, you automatically get registered for a chance to win.
  3. Share our social media posts and come to the booth to enter you name. 

The winner will be announced after the event and they will be notified via email. After the awarded price is given, the user will have 6 months to start the license. Restrictions of the 12-month licence are:

  • For phase I/II studies
  • Up to 10 sites

We look forward to being there and meeting our customers in the US!

Viedoc Release: File upload in ViedocMe

Version 4.35 out now!

File upload in ViedocMe

Our latest Viedoc release version 4.35 supports file upload in our ePro system ViedocMe. This enables subjects to take pictures directly from their phones. This update includes many more useful details like the print study workflow feature, and the ability to export to Excel/CSV as one row per item. There are many more details in the release notes and you can also review the release highlights video.

White Paper: Preparing for the EU GDPR in Clinical and Biomedical Research

On the 25th of May, 2018 the new European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. Everyone who does business within the EU must follow this new regulation. PCG Solutions is a European company, and is subject to GDPR.

GDPR requires companies to have control of their information management and its governance. In the Clinical Research sector this has long been vital for the success of clinical drug development, so it is not a pivotal change to how companies work. Instead companies need to ensure that their internal policies are aligned with the regulations defined in GDPR.

This white paper explains what GDPR is, the responsibilities and obligations it entails and how it affects you in your dealing with the EU and with PCG Solutions. PCG Solutions customers cover the entire range of companies from those active in the EU with natural persons based in the EU in their studies, to the opposite extreme where the only contact with the EU is PCG Solutions itself. This white paper covers all scenarios so that no matter what your connection to the EU is you can easily see how you are affected.

Download White Paper: Preparing for the EU GDPR in Clinical and Biomedical Research


Viedoc Release: File upload

Version 4.34 out now!

File upload

The latest release of Viedoc, version 4.34, supports file upload, which enables sites to manage all kinds of files together with the eCRF data, i.e. photos, documents, PDFs, images etc. Through standard data checks there is also a possibility to control size, uniqueness, name etc of each file uploaded. Contact us today for more information on how to manage the files in your study.

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Meet us in London for the CDISC event!

Meet us in London for the CDISC event!

We will be present at the CDISC Europe Interchange in London, April 24-28. Join the companies, organisations and institutions already using Viedoc and contact us to discuss how also you can get started using the world’s most sophisticated EDC system.

Visit event website

Viedoc certified for C-format by WHO-Drug

Viedoc certified for C-format by WHO-Drug

The implementation of the WHO Drug Dictionaries in Viedoc was on March 8 validated and certified by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre, the global leader in pharmacovigilance. This means that all Viedoc customers using WHO-DD enable their pharmacovigilance to work more efficient by utilizing the global de-facto standard for coding drug names.

Working for a better world

Safer use of modern and traditional medicines is an ambitious goal for all of us. It depends on patients and health professionals, health ministries, regulators, and manufacturers working actively together. The priority is to identify when patients suffer any kind of harm from their therapy and to reduce the risk of this happening in the future. Uppsala Monitoring Centre is a major part of this global effort.

Viedoc Release: VAS up!?

Version 4.33 out now!

Visual Analog Scale (VAS) in ViedocMe

The Viedoc 4.33 release adds support for a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) in ViedocMe, enabling subjects to use the VAS scale to indicate and submit the intensity of perceived pain or disease symptoms. ViedocMe supports a 10 cm VAS on iPad Mini version 2-4 devices, and logs the device used by the subject when answering.

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Viedoc sales up by 68 percent in 2016!

Viedoc sales up by 68 percent in 2016!

Viedoc continues to deliver top quality EDC services, resulting in a jump in sales by 68 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year. The main reasons behind the increased sales are larger projects and more new clients. Japan continues to be the top market for a fifth consecutive year. Also, the new system features introduced during the year were well-received by the users.

2017 has started in a very positive way with a couple of larger projects signed already.

Enjoy your trial!

Viedoc Release: Data import

Version 4.30 out now!

Data import

Viedoc Release 4.30 Data import - the latest feature update on the Viedoc platform making transfer of data from different sources to Viedoc easier than ever. External data is converted into CDISC ODM clinical data format using a data mapping file and pushed into Viedoc through the Viedoc API. Contact us for more info.

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Viedoc Release: Dynamic randomization

Version 4.29 out now!

Dynamic randomization

The new functionalities in this release are:

  • Dynamic randomization
  • Support for unscheduled and common events in ViedocMe

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Meet us in Paris November 7th, 2016

DMB annual conference in Paris, November 7

Viedoc is a Platinum Sponsor of the annual DMB conference and welcome you to join us in our booth. The main topics for the conference this year are "Clinical Data, Real Data, Open & Big Data".

The event will be located at the Maison Internationale (Cité Internationale), Paris.

Visit event website

Meet Viedoc at SCDM in San Diego, Sep 11-14, 2016

Meet Viedoc at SCDM 2016

Experience Viedoc at SCDM in San Diego, Sep 11-14, 2016.

Take the opportunity to meet with our industry experts as well as getting a live demo of Viedoc. You will find us in booth #602.

Visit event website

Welcome to Viedoc User Group Meeting 2016 in Tokyo, Japan

Viedoc UGM 2016

Welcome to Viedoc User Group meeting 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Our representatives will demonstrate the latest updates on the Viedoc platform incl. Viedoc3, ViedocPMS, ViedocMe and Viedoc 4.

Date: Tuesday June 14th
Time: 13:00 – 17:00 followed by reception 17:00 – 19:00
Location: Alfred Nobel Auditorium at the Swedish Embassy

The event is free of charge. Please register via Enable JavaScript to view protected content. by Friday June 3rd.

Viedoc Release: Remind your subjects

Version 4.25 out now!


Don't loose any important data. Remind your subjects. Version 4.25 out now!

The new functionalities in this release are:

  • Medical coding part II
  • Reminders in ViedocMe
  • Paging on selection page

Go to Release Notes

Viedoc Release: Medical Coding

Version 4.24 out now!

Medical Coding

The new functionalities in this release are:

  • Global design settings
  • Medical coding part I

Go to Release Notes

eClinical Forum in Uppsala Sweden 17-19 May 2016

eClinical Forum in Uppsala Sweden 17-19 May 2016

Proud to host the spring meeting of the e-Clinical Forum in Uppsala, Sweden May 17-19, 2016.

Meet us in Hamburg 18-19 November 2015

14th Annual PCT Partnerships in Clinical Trials

14th Annual PCT Partnerships in Clinical Trials

PCG Solutions will be present at PCT in Hamburg 18-19 November 2015. This is a great opportunity to meet and listen to both present and potential clients. If you want to meet us there for a talk or have a demo, please contact Mats Klaar, Enable JavaScript to view protected content., or Henrik Blombergsson, Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Meet us in Paris in November

DMB annual conference in Paris, November 10

PCG will be present at the DMB annual conference in Paris, November 10. Get a chance to see the world’s most sophisticated EDC system in action.

Meet us in Washington, September 20-23

SCDM 2015 Annual Conference

Discover a new generation of EDC and ePRO. Meet and discuss your needs with co-founder Sverre Bengtsson. Book a private demo with Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

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Electronic systems in clinical trials

Viedoc electronic systems in clinical trials

PCG participates with chairman and presenter in the one day seminar arranged in collaboration with the Section for Clinical Trials, a part of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society, and Medical Products Agency.

Date: 2015-09-22

The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences has collected a panel of international experts from the British (MHRA), Danish (DHMA), and Swedish (MPA) regulatory agencies as well as from industry, vendors and academia. They will present current thinking on the use of electronic systems for Data Capture (EDC), Case Report Forms (eCRF), Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), Trial Master Files (eTMF) and data from Electronic Health Records (EHRs), as well as inspection findings that can be attributed to the use of such systems. The use and pitfalls of electronic systems will be presented from the point of view of both pharmaceutical industry, CRO and clinical site.

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Meet us in Paris, March 9-11

Bio Europe Spring 2015

PCG attends the partnering event Bio Europe Spring in Paris 9-11 March 2015. Contact our co-founder Sverre Bengtsson for a face-to-face meeting.

Welcome to another exciting Viedoc User Group Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

Viedoc UGM

Welcome to another exciting Viedoc User Group meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Our representatives will demonstrate the latest updates on the Viedoc platform incl. Viedoc3, ViedocPMS, ViedocMe and Viedoc 4.

Date: June 9, 2015
Time: 13:00 - 17:00 followed by a 2 hour reception
Location: Swedish Embassy Auditorium and Hall

The event is free of charge. Please send your application to Enable JavaScript to view protected content. not later than May 15.

We're delighted to be moving to new premises

February 27, Uppsala, Sweden


As the growth continues, PCG Solutions is pleased to announce the move to a new larger location to accommodate the expansion of the team in Sweden. The new address is Dragarbrunnsgatan 46, Uppsala. The move is in keeping with PCG’s continued progress to expand and improve its business and customer satisfaction. Look out for an invitation. This is worth celebrating.

Meet us in Shanghai, May 24-27, 2015

7th DIA China Annual Meeting

7th DIA China Annual Meeting. Are you interested in EDC? Viedoc 4 is the world's most sophisticated EDC & ePRO platform and has now reached China. Meet Hazel He, Key Account Manager at the annual meeting and let her inspire you for your next trial.

Receiving data from your patients just got better


Introducing the new ViedocMe app. Easier, smoother & better looking. The new ViedocMe app is finally here. Spoil your patients with an app that they can use on their own device. Save time and keep track of patient compliance by following the progress in Viedoc Clinic. And if that is not enough, the new ViedocMe app now also allows patients to type from right-to-left. Enjoy your trial!