January 25, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of clinical research, the choice of an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system can significantly impact the efficiency and success of Contract Research Organizations (CROs). Among the options available, Viedoc stands out as the quintessential choice for CROs, and here's why. 


1. Originated by a CRO 

Viedoc distinguishes itself by its unique origin: it was conceived and built by a CRO for in-house use. This means that every facet of the system, including its architecture and user interface, has been meticulously optimized to align seamlessly with the intricate demands of a CRO business. The system and user requirements were not adapted but designed from the ground up, ensuring an inherently symbiotic relationship between the technology and the CRO's operational needs. This intrinsic understanding of CRO workflows sets Viedoc apart, providing a tailored, efficient, and intuitive solution. 

2. Seamless user experience 

Viedoc consistently receives accolades for its user-friendly interface. The ease of use is not merely a superficial advantage; it directly influences the time efficiency of tasks and, more critically, enhances the quality of data collected. For a CRO, recognizing the value of streamlined processes and intuitive interfaces is a strategic advantage, putting them a step ahead in delivering high-quality results. Viedoc's commitment to an exceptional user experience underscores its dedication to supporting CROs in achieving their goals with precision and efficiency. 

In 2023, Viedoc earned multiple Excellence Awards from Clinical Trials Arena and from Pharmaceutical Technology for providing researchers with a wide range of features that streamline data capture and enhance collaboration. As such, Viedoc is establishing new industry standards with user-friendly interfaces and visually appealing reports for clinical trial professionals. 


3. Robust customer support 

Viedoc empowers CROs by offering a platform that can be navigated independently. Trained and certified CRO professionals can handle every aspect of the system autonomously, ensuring complete control over the services provided to clients. However, the assurance of independence does not mean isolation; Viedoc is committed to providing world-class customer support. Should any challenges arise, the support team is readily available, ensuring that CROs can navigate complexities with confidence, knowing that assistance is just a call away. 

4. Versatility across all study types 

A hallmark of a successful CRO is the ability to handle diverse study requirements from sponsors. Viedoc is designed with this versatility in mind, capable of managing everything from small-scale surveys to complex oncology trials across all study phases. This eliminates the need for CROs to juggle multiple EDC systems for different studies, providing a singular, comprehensive solution. The adaptability of Viedoc ensures that CROs can confidently take on any study, knowing that their EDC system is equipped to handle the intricacies of each unique project. 


5. Rapid study design and configuration 

Efficiency is the lifeblood of CROs, and Viedoc excels in enabling CROs to do more with fewer resources. The platform allows for the swift design and configuration of studies, surpassing other systems in speed and agility. With Viedoc, CROs can manage multiple studies in parallel, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing productivity. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances the cost-effectiveness of CRO operations, a crucial factor in today's competitive clinical research landscape. 

Viedoc emerges as the ideal choice for CROs seeking an EDC system that seamlessly integrates with their operations, promotes efficiency, and delivers unparalleled versatility. From its CRO-centric origin to its award-winning design, Viedoc is not just a tool but a strategic ally for CROs aiming to elevate their clinical trial capabilities.  

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