In this video, one of the key architects behind Viedoc, COO and co-founder Henrik Blombergsson, explains how to set up a study using Viedoc Admin and Viedoc Designer in just a few minutes. 

Viedoc Admin: Get your study started—and keep it running smoothly

With Viedoc Admin, you’re in full control. Set up your study, manage sites and user roles, and close everything once you’re done—without having to go through a helpdesk or tech manager.

Viedoc Designer: Professional study building in no time

Viedoc Designer makes it easy for anyone to design and tailor their own studies. Whether you want to create an advanced study from scratch or use one of our templates, you can be confident that the end results will be professional.

Experience the new standard in eClinical solutions

The Viedoc solution is designed to revolutionize the way you conduct clinical trials—while making each user’s activities and tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

While each individual Viedoc application is compatible with other systems, it’s when they’re combined that they truly shine and provide real value to your trial. Seamless integration allows you to move fluidly between the applications within the solution, without wasting time switching between platforms.

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