Unveiling the new face of Viedoc 

Since Viedoc's inception in 2003, we have continuously challenged the status quo by designing new, engaging software that empowers greater discoveries within the life science community.

To date, Viedoc has collected data from over a million patients and is trusted by 9 of the top 10 large pharmaceutical companies in the world. This could be seen as an achievement in itself, but we are far from satisfied. To take things to the next level, we've collaborated with Stockholm Design Lab (SDL) to elevate our brand, user experience, and UI to unmatched levels.

Viedoc's recipe for success is deeply rooted in a holy alliance between contemporary design and tech engineering. Before we began with the rebrand, we asked our clients what makes Viedoc their go-to eClinical solution, and the answer was clear. What makes Viedoc different is its engaging design and user interface, the simplicity of things, and the guided workflows that shape Viedoc's unique user experience. Combined, they make every little step a bit faster, more engaging, and fun. The result - accelerated clinical trials to a lesser cost and with better, more reliable data. 

While Viedoc offers all the conventional features and benefits of a modern eClinical suite, it's not what makes Viedoc stand out. The simple design is one part, the advanced software engineering another. Together, they create a user experience where even the most complex tasks can be done with ease and confidence.  But above all else, Viedoc’s greatest differentiator is it’s people. A dynamic, international team of passionate clinical trial professionals and tech innovators that are driven by creating the change they want to see in the eClinical field. 

So what have we done to make what's already great even greater? One thing is certain - the results are bound to make waves. Ready?


To create a unique identity SDL and Viedoc reached out to ABC Dinamo to create a custom font based on Monument Grotesk that was released via Dinamo in 2018, based on an online scan from the foundry Palmer & Ray from 1884. Monument Grotesk has the type of characters that serves those looking for a more technical and functional mood, which was important to enhance that side of the identity. The other side of Monument Grotesk is the rounded and stylish shapes in some of the letters – a more human and naturalistic look and feel. Both of these features – human and tech – were enhanced in the development of a bespoke typeface that is now named Viedoc Monument.


We wanted the data and what truly matters, people, to be front and center in our new identity. For this reason, we chose a neutral color scheme to shape the backbone of Viedoc, while data, graphs, video calls, and imagery brings life, atmosphere, and true color to our identity.

Brand grid

At the core of what we do lies a profound desire to do good, and contribute to a healthier world. This is the "Why" we share with the broader scientific community and the fuel that drives us. What Viedoc does with excellence is connecting people and data worldwide to bridge the gap between science and breakthrough. The dots and the grid are foundational elements in our new identity, symbolizing how Viedoc connects and touches people in all aspects and fields of life. It is also symbolic of how easy it is to collect, sort and analyze data with the Viedoc solutions.

The Viedoc software redesign

Viedoc consists of a resilient and intelligent core, but since clinical studies are complex enough, we put a lot of effort into making what matters more accessible. What this means is that we have removed visual distractions to simplify your workflow and make solutions visible. The Viedoc redesign lets you to choose between dark and light mode, visualize your data in unique graphs, and experience the most modern patient-centric app in history - the revamped Viedoc Me. These updates and much more will be introduced during 2022 - to all Viedoc users.  

Join the transformation

As the demand for new and better therapies increases, it is time to change the standard of clinical studies. For over two decades, we have perfected the craft of making clinical data more accessible, continuously improving, innovating, and creating a secure environment for our client's and patients' data. We will continue to work for a healthier world and to accelerate innovation within life science, finding better and more efficient ways of answering the needs of both users and humanity, making what matters more accessible - for greater discoveries.

Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2
Jun 6, 2023

"What I like best about Viedoc is their approachable support and "can do" attitude. Their service has always been personal and reliable."