June 22, 2022

The University of Montpellier has been using Viedoc’s software to teach and train future clinical researcher professionals since 2021.

“We wanted to respond to the reality of the business.”

— Myrtille Vivien, PhD Assistant Professor at University of Montpellier

Since 2003, Myrtille Vivien, a Lecturer in Statistics and Databases at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montpellier, has been training students in statistics to analyze databases using programming languages. Now in charge of the second year of the Master of Science in Health Engineering, she’s priming students for clinical research. This requires an efficient and streamlined EDC system, which Myrtille has found with Viedoc's eClinical solution.

Several colleagues recommended that Myrtille should try Viedoc. She was impressed by their praise: “pleasant to design, ease of use, intuitive, continuous updates, lots of eLearning.” What appealed to her most was Viedoc’s enthusiasm and willingness to be a part of the training. 

- During the master’s year, Viedoc is used as a tool during tutorials and practical work. The students practice the jobs of the Clinical Research sector with the various eClinical Viedoc applications. They are trained in database design, data entry, coding of AEs (adverse events), exporting to SAS or importing laboratory data, and managing queries. Viedoc is used to carry out their case study in project teams (the entire class). The students carry out the data management of a study from the annotation of the variables to the freezing of the base.

Students in this degree also work closely with professionals in the sector during their second year—specializing in either Data Management or Clinical Study Coordination—to ultimately become well-trained and field-ready Clinical Researchers. Myrtille wanted students to prepare for the real world and “the reality of the business.”

- In the past, students were using software that was not an EDC. The integration of Viedoc in the master’s degree is an added value for our students. We want to confront them with the professional reality they will face. The use of an EDC saves time on a number of tasks and it’s closer to current business practices. After one year of using Viedoc, we have identified the aspects of the training that need to be improved to be in line with the reality of the Clinical Research profession.

Viedoc has a range of solutions for clinical research professionals, from the assistant in training to the expert researcher. The Viedoc eClinical suite is made to engage for learning, teaching, and researching.

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Oct 4, 2023

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