Viedoc Designer
For the developer

Viedoc Designer makes it easier than ever to set up and design professional studies. The included ready-to-use industry templates allow you to create professional input fields and questionnaires tailor-made for you. No prior programming or design skills are required.

Viedoc Designer Overview

The configurable solution

Viedoc supports the set up of advanced as well as simple studies. New studies are easily set up by using global templates or even entire study designs, all very easy to re-use and add to your study.

Viedoc preview

Watch us set up a study in less than 10 minutes.


Do I need any programming skills to set up studies in Viedoc?

No, programming skills are of course of advantage when it comes to very complex conditions or edit checks but for a typical study no programming skills are required.

Who is responsible for the UAT, myself or you?

The responsibility for performing the UAT always lies on the client. We deliver a validated product and provide release certificates for every release and those can be dowloaded from this website.

I understand you do releases quite often. Do I need to revalidate my study for every release?

No, every release of Viedoc is always backwards compatible so there is no need for clients to validate ongoing studies for new releases.

Do you have a library that can be used when setting up new studies?

Yes, Viedoc Designer has a global library that can be used to store and copy templates from.

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