We’d like to thank you for your support at our Oncology Trials Webinar. Since more than 30% of the studies run in Viedoc are oncology trials, we wanted to bring you an in-depth look into conducting cancer research with our eClinical platform. We invited the CEO and founder of Sofpromed, Patricio Ledesma, to tell us why he prefers Viedoc.

During the webinar, Johannes Molin, Viedoc’s Global Head of Professional Services, shared some of Viedoc's accomplishments to kick off the hour:

- We have run over 4000 studies in Viedoc. Actually, closer to 5000 studies now, in over 75+ countries. Viedoc is being used for all indications and all types of studies ranging from Phase I to Phase IV studies.

Later, Johannes delved into relevant aspects of Viedoc's eClinical suite, explained the challenges faced when conducting cancer research, led a live demo of an oncology trial setup and management in Viedoc, and helped answer your questions about conducting cancer research while using Viedoc. 

Patricio shared one of his favorite aspects of Viedoc, among others:

- I think one of the outstanding features of Viedoc is its interface, without a doubt.

Patricio also discussed the complex challenges that oncology trials present for Sofpromed, and how Viedoc’s evolving system has helped his company make breakthroughs. 

- In our case, as a CRO focused on oncology, we do use a lot of randomization in our trials. Mostly, at least in our experience, we do a lot of simple two-arm randomized studies, meaning a distribution of patients between two arms with a one-to-one ratio ... But of course, you can also use Viedoc for more complex randomization designs, with many arms involved. So this feature of randomization is very good, with the possibility to implement any kind of randomization design when it comes to oncology trials.

Listen to Patricio explain 13 reasons why CROs should use Viedoc to manage oncology trials below.

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