Viedoc accelerates every aspect of your clinical trial, revolutionizing accessibility to what truly matters: your research.

The evolutionary duality between human and tech has solved some of our planet’s most pressing challenges. Applied to clinical research, it creates a healthier world and a brighter future for humankind.

For an evolving clinical data manager, Viedoc transforms your abilities, getting you to your destination faster and smoother, ultimately leading to greater discoveries in less time.

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Viedoc is the preferred choice for the new generation of clinical data managers who demand the best in technology, propelling you to new heights in data management. With its focus on flexibility, functionality, and design, Viedoc makes your work easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Connecting everyone involved in a trial, Viedoc provides a single, seamless platform where data flows securely across sites and regions. Every team member gains access to powerful tools for data collection, analysis, and management. The outcome? Hypercharged clinical trials that achieve remarkable results.

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There’s no secret to why Viedoc is the fastest growing EDC platform in the world. Our eClinical solution is routinely praised for its accessibility, versatility, and responsiveness.

Rave reviews on G2 and Capterra, recognition for having the best relationships with our users, and multiple industry awards all make Viedoc a top choice for electronic data capture and management.

Below, we have used AI to cross-reference hundreds of reviews of Viedoc, and summarize exactly what all the buzz is about.  

Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2 Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2 Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2 Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2 Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2 Viedoc is a leader in Small-Business Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2

  • User-friendly interface and design
    • Modern and visually appealing interface
    • Intuitive and easy to navigate
    • Clear organization of functionalities into separate tabs
    • Recognizable icons for user comprehension
    • Ability to propose dates for scheduled events
    • Dynamic form titles and private notes feature
  • Versatile software with great user accessibility
    • Flexibility in terms of user permissions
    • Complete audit trail accessible on different levels
    • Effective for complex study scheduling
    • Capable of loading large EDC files
  • Handling of complex requirements
    • Capability to handle complex clinical trial database design
    • Pre-defined standard templates for ease of use
    • Effectiveness in data management, verification, and analysis
    • Availability of multiple system languages
    • Native language training for better user understanding
  • Designer-friendly and easy study design
    • Ability to easily design studies
    • Capacity to duplicate workflows
    • Customizable report dashboards
    • Extensive control types for various needs
    • Convenient e-learning component for better feature comprehension
    • Use of javascript for adding edit checks
  • Responsive customer support
    • Responsive and helpful customer support team
    • Excellent training programs for user comprehension
    • Continuous improvements and updates according to user requirements
    • Quick turnaround time and professionalism in setting up clinical studies

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Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2
Oct 11, 2023

"Viedoc makes building a study easy and fun. It doesn't require extensive coding knowledge; it's quick to get in and start working."