Want to ensure the best experience for your team with Viedoc? With our integrated eLearning component, you can quickly become an expert in Viedoc’s eClinical suite, reducing the effort and time needed to get you started on your prospective study. So throw away the static user manuals, and enjoy our innovative eLearning solution. 

Here at Viedoc, we recognize that training your team in a new EDC system can present challenges. That’s why our user information, in the form of our eLearning, is a fully integrated part of our eClinical suite. Whether you’re just starting out in clinical research or already established in the industry, you’ll find that Viedoc is easy to implement. You’ll also save time with built-in quick guides, video tutorials, and specific use-cases—with curriculums also translated into Japanese and Chinese.

Worried about staying up to date?

Don’t be—we continuously update our eLearning as new features in Viedoc come out. In addition, every new version of Viedoc’s eClinical suite has an updated eLearning component in combination with the latest Release Notes. When we make updates to existing functionality, they’re always 100% backward compatible, so there’s no need to worry about retraining staff. 

Additionally, suggestions for improvement from both our customers and our staff contribute to the updates we make.  Think of this as our “feedback culture”—together we pave the way forward.

Concerned about compliance with regulations?

Full compliance with industry regulations also extends to Viedoc’s eLearning documentation. Thanks to our continual updates, your team can rest assured that they fulfill regulatory requirements—now and in the future. Furthermore, since we know our customers are required to be able to present the version of eLearning used to train staff during the full duration of a study on request, we make sure you can obtain this information from Viedoc directly. 

All Viedoc release versions must have the corresponding version of the eLearning available for regulatory inspectors, therefore all of our eLearning curriculums and lessons are available to download as PDF files. We recommend that you download relevant PDFs with each release so you can make all of the lessons from each version readily available for inspection. If you ever need access to an earlier version, you can contact us directly, and we’ll provide access to the relevant release versions for inspectors upon request.

Require custom forms and complete flexibility?

We also offer the chance to create your own organization-specific documentation with our tool, optionally based on our eLearning documentation. Finally, we provide the user information necessary to work with all aspects of our eLearning, allowing you to assign custom-created content to specific roles so users can access it in Viedoc Clinic. 

Our integrated eLearning can help you get Viedoc up and running quickly—we designed our platform to make your job easier. As we introduce new features, we consider both regulatory requirements and customer needs. So, by utilizing our eLearning platform, you can keep up to date on new features, fulfill regulatory requirements without worry, customize your training workflow, and propose suggestions for future versions. In addition, we guarantee a response to your feedback as quickly as possible—and offer the option for custom solutions. That’s the power of Viedoc.

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Jun 6, 2023

"What I like best about Viedoc is their approachable support and "can do" attitude. Their service has always been personal and reliable."