One of the most significant challenges of running a clinical trial in 2022 is keeping study participants engaged, happy, and committed the whole way through.

What technology you use to conduct your trials plays a big part in how your participants experience them, and can significantly influence patient retention. With Viedoc, the bulkiness and complicated processes that study participants so commonly associate with clinical trials become a thing of the past. 

Switching to Viedoc means switching to the latest technology

We are proud to call Viedoc the most modern eClinical solution on the market, used by over one million study participants across thousands of studies. A recent survey shows that the greatest motivating factor for people to participate in a clinical trial is that they get to help advance science. At Viedoc, we share that passion. We're dedicated to crafting the most accessible, and innovative tools for data collection in clinical research, not only for the CRO, sponsor, and site staff but also for the study participant. We believe this is essential in improving patient retention, and our ePro/eCOA solution Viedoc Me does just that. 

Engaging data collection, fluid across devices

Viedoc Me is the most engaging tool available for data collection directly from the source. One that pulls study participants back for more, and intuitively guides them through the process of a clinical study.

In 2022, people live their lives across many different devices. That's why we've made a fluid user experience across devices a top priority, and we accomplish this through a unique blend of functionality and design, dedicated to each device, whether it is a tablet, phone, desktop, or laptop. We've built-in modern functions, such as auto-reminders via SMS or e-mail, and interactive, customizable scales. Today, almost everyone has access to a smartphone with a camera, so we've made smooth image-capture and file uploads quick and easy for everyone.

A new era of decentralized trials

Many patients drop out of studies because of physical- or travel limitations. The pandemic has paved the way for a new era of decentralized clinical trials where all visits that can be held virtually, should. Not only does it remove a massive hurdle for the participant, but it also lowers the threshold for recruitment and makes it easier to communicate in a professional, engaging way. Viedoc Connect is our fully integrated telemedicine solution that makes secure video calls at the click of a button possible. Facilitate the eConsent process, run pre-screening and recruitment activities, and conduct follow-up visits where on-site visits are not possible. 

Viedoc Me and Viedoc Connect are a powerful duo that enables smooth and efficient data collection and communication between site and patient - hassle-free, engaging, and rewarding for the patient, resulting in higher retention rates for you.


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