That’s a wrap! From September 11-14, 2022, Viedoc saw immense success at SCDM in San Antonio, TX. 

We’re happy to report that SCDM was a victory for us—and we sure had fun doing it. Over three days, our team took the floor to exhibit the Viedoc eClinical suite, from short demos to a product showcase, to over 800 attendees. Sverre Bengtsson, Viedoc’s Co-Founder and Sr. VP of Strategic Relations, had this to say about the event:

"We've exhibited at SCDM since 2009, and by far, this was the best conference we've ever attended—our 13th year. Not only did we participate with a full force, including ten people from the US and European offices, but we also had a full house in the booth, where we got so many client interactions that we never, ever had before. I think it's pretty safe to say that we had great success at the SCDM conference this year."

Viedocers in attendance included Greg Tullo, Vice President (VP) of Professional Services, Robert McGrath, VP of Business Development, as well as James Muehr and Chris Kemper, Directors of Business Development. From the EU, Sverre Bengtsson and Axel Stael van Holstein, Vice President of Business Development, EMEA, added their expertise to the mix. Thanks to our team's prowess in demonstrating Viedoc’s suite, the attendees had plenty of positive feedback for Viedoc.

Event highlights

In addition, the Viedoc Product Showcase was a big hit. Presented by Sverre and Greg, it was a packed event—all seats were occupied, and guests were lined up along the walls. By the end of SCDM, the team had held over 70 meetings and conducted over 50 demos at our booth, which had two demo stations. 

On Monday night, September 12th, Viedoc hosted the premier event of SCDM, a night at The Alamo. The group enjoyed a guided tour and heard about the historical events that took place at The Alamo. After the tour, they also saw a gun demonstration of weapons used at the time of the Alamo, and ended the night with dinner there.

"We had a great time, and we are committed to continuing our collaboration with SCDM as a full partner," Sverre said.

Thank you, SCDM! See you next year in 2023. Can’t wait until next year? Don’t worry—we’re currently on tour. Catch up with us at another event listed on our calendar this fall.

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Oct 4, 2023

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