April 20, 2023

Paper TMFs (trial master files) are costly, inefficient, full of security flaws, and cumbersome when it comes to collaboration. We put together guide that explores how to transition from a paper based TMF to an eTMF, it’s benefits, and we address some of the challenges eTMFs present.

This guide explores the benefits of using electronic Trial Master Files (eTMFs) and electronic Investigator Site Files (eISFs) over traditional paper-based systems in clinical trial documentation management. We show you how EDCs can facilitate the transition of paper TMF to eTMFs in an easy way. 

The benefits of switching to an eTMF include increased efficiency, improved compliance, enhanced security and confidentiality, improved collaboration and communication, and cost and environmental advantages.

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About the authors

Lina Gaggi

Lina Gaggi, Product Owner, has over 10 years' experience in computer engineering developing and delivering the products that customers want. With a keen eye for user needs, she knows how to find the right solution that reduces complexity and makes software enjoyable. Focusing on the life science industry at this stage in her career, she’s a dedicated product manager that can distill the big picture in order to find robust solutions for small tasks, that in the end deliver value to customers.

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Cecilia Cedergren

Cecilia Cedergren, Product Specialist, has over 10 years of experience in Clinical Operations and Study Start-up. She has recently focused on leveraging her knowledge of the clinical trial process and technology to accelerate clinical trials and drive product development. She is passionate about improving the efficiency of the clinical trial process and is always exploring new ways to optimize it for an exceptional customer experience.

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