Here at Viedoc, our employees envision a healthier world and move forward with that vision in mind. But how do our values align with our stance on diversity?

It’s easy to say something and harder to live up to it. Here at Viedoc, we want to do more than state our values, we want to stand for them—so every day we try our best to make our values a reality. 

People first

All of us are affected by lack of diversity in a business and in clinical research. No matter your orientation, gender identity, ethnic background, age, religion, or nationality—your individuality is valuable.

At Viedoc, we love working with our diverse team and learning from each other every day; we find that individuality makes us stronger. Viedoc offers all employees equal opportunities where they are based, regardless of any individual characteristics. Our work environment is discrimination-free and harassment-free, and we work hard to ensure everyone feels welcome from day one.

We strive to support inclusive practices for our clients too, by continuously developing solutions like Viedoc Me and Viedoc Connect. Digitalization and remote activities allow us to ensure underrepresented communities are included in clinical research. We recognize the potential of decentralized clinical trials to draw more diverse pools of participants.

Be confident

At Viedoc, confidence is key. We urge our staff to be bold and speak their mind. We promote a safe, free-thinking environment and allow individuality to shine. 

We also know that discoveries come from our trailblazing clients—which is why we support them with modern solutions. Viedoc is made and designed to be intuitive for researchers to focus on their work and participants to know exactly what they need to do each step of the way. 

Do good

We at Viedoc work to support inclusion in clinical research by delivering the most flexible and seamless EDC system on the market—we design our interface with both participants and researchers in mind. Creating an inclusive environment means inviting everyone to participate. 

According to a 2022 study comparing demographic and geographic diversity among the pool of participants in 3 COVID-19 trials, remote clinical trials can encourage more inclusive practices and promote diversity in clinical research. With decentralized tools like Viedoc Me and Viedoc Connect, as well as increased language support, clinical trial sponsors can cultivate an inclusive recruitment process.

With the rise of decentralized trials and the digitalization of the clinical research industry, we may be on the cusp of a more diverse and inclusive future for clinical trials. And while there is still much to be done to promote inclusion in the clinical research industry, we look forward to doing our part to do so.

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