Did you know our eLearning is fully searchable on Google? That’s right, you can openly search for any ‘how-to-use’ information related to Viedoc’s system. With Viedoc you get access and transparency, all our eLearning materials are accessible whenever, wherever.

That being said, our eLearning is robust and detailed, so we’ve put together 10 tips to help you make the most of what we have to offer and shine some light on some features you might not have noticed.

Also stick around, we’ve got a bonus tip for you on how to search our guides at the end. 

1. User guides

We organized everything you need to know about different roles and features into convenient user guides. From our Viedoc Clinic to our eTMF, to guides for users of Viedoc Me and more, everything is laid out and designed to give you quick access to the information you need.

2. Quick guides

Within our user guides, we also created some quick guides to get you up and running on essential features and functions within Viedoc. For example, here, we have a quick guide for going live. It’s meant to get you and your studies up and running fast.​​​

3. How to create and edit forms

Creating and editing forms doesn’t have to be complicated, and Viedoc makes sure that it’s as easy as possible. So, we created a handy guide to help you cruise through form creation like a pro. Did you know you can drag and drop form items in Viedoc? Check out the guide for more information.

4. How to publish a study design

In as few as two clicks of a mouse, you can publish a study design in Viedoc. Our lesson will show you just how easy it is.

5. How to setup Viedoc Reports

Our new UI makes your reports shine, and it’s included with Viedoc right out of the box. Remember those quick guides we talked about? Well, here is one on how to get up and running with Viedoc Reports. In it, you’ll find information about role configuration, assigning a design, and finally how to launch Viedoc Reports and make your data look flawless.

6. How to enter and edit form data

In Viedoc, it’s all about user permissions and access. Your data security is our responsibility. Who can and can’t enter and edit data in forms is set in Viedoc Admin. But once you’ve got the right permissions, then we’ve got you covered, right here, on how to use Viedoc Clinic to enter and edit form data.

7. How to schedule events

With DCTs (decentralized trials) becoming a new standard in the trials space, it’s important to have an intuitive and flexible DCT solution. Our DCT solution, Viedoc Me and Viedoc Connect, has a lot of convenience and customization, as well. If you want to know how to setup a scheduled event for Viedoc Me, well look no further—we’ve got you covered here.

8. How to use JavaScript

Our eLearning can cover the simple stuff, but we also help you get a little techy as well. Did you know you can use JavaScript to really get into granular form customization? We make it possible, plus we give you the details on how to get it done here. We’ve also got plenty of use cases to help you with your designs.

9. Reserved words 

It might seem obscure, but reserved words are essential to know. Viedoc allows for unlimited customization, but there are a few limitations on labels in the system. Good thing we’ve got the list right here so you can keep your designs running smooth.

And of course, if you ever need any help you can always reach out to our industry leading Professional Services team to answer any questions you might have. 

10. Video tutorials

We embrace the range of learners out there and know that some are too busy to read—you want the information distilled and delivered fast. We’ve done that for you with our video tutorials. They cover the essentials of the Viedoc system and will take you through how to do things like: Setup Viedoc Me, How to work with R, How to configure reference data, and more.

Viedoc is extensive, flexible, customizable, convenient, and a whole lot more. These tips are meant to get you started and familiar with the range of possibilities to bring power to your studies. 

Bonus tip!

Viedoc’s eLearning is robust, and our lessons are fully searchable, however sometimes you’ve got a phrase or word you want to zero in on and you want it quickly. Take any Viedoc eLearning URL and add “/?print=ready” to the end of it. 

For example: https://help.viedoc.net/c/e311e6/?print=ready

This will take all lessons in a user guide and display them on one page. From there, simply press CTRL-F or CMD-F and then you can search for whichever words or phrases you want

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