Bridging the gap between site and study participant

With the latest version of Viedoc, version 4.68, available in November, it will be possible for site staff to initiate a secure video call directly with any participant who is using the ePRO app Viedoc Me.

The new application, called Viedoc Connect, provides the comfort of onsite experiences from the participant's home. With participants having to spend less time traveling to sites and sites being able to perform more activities remotely, Viedoc Connect bridges the gap between the site and participant, resulting in more efficient trial execution, more engaging study participants, and ultimately better data in less time, to a lower cost.

Viedoc Connect provides a secure and easy way for site staff and participants to interact remotely. The application is launched from Viedoc Clinic and allows the investigator or study coordinator to have an ongoing video call with the participant while at the same time entering data in the eCRF. The participant is also able to navigate and submit data in Viedoc Me during the call. Apart from the video call, screen sharing is also possible, providing an additional tool for improved site-participant interaction.

Data and security

The functionality is enabled through an encrypted peer-to-peer connection where no other data is stored on the servers than a meeting ID, the IP-addresses of the host and participant, and the duration of the call. And as with all other data in Viedoc, the data is encrypted both in-transit and at rest.

License and cost

Using Viedoc Connect requires a separate license key and is enabled by the Study Manager in Viedoc Admin. The license is based on the number of interactions between the site and study participant, which is usually something very easy to determine from the study protocol. To facilitate the estimation of interactions even further, Viedoc offers different pre-priced packages clients can choose from depending on the extent they plan to use Connect in their study.

The use cases are many

Examples of scenarios where Viedoc Connect can be used are:

· During the recruitment phase while evaluating potential subjects/candidates to ensure proper eligibility
· As part of the eConsent process performing the interview and ensuring the identity of the subject
· During the study performing televisits and follow-up calls where physical presence by the subject at the site is not required

Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about Connect or Viedoc in general, we are more than happy to schedule a call and show you how everything works.

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Oct 11, 2023

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