December 15, 2023

With 2024 just around the corner, here’s a roundup of some of the most popular and significant articles published on our website over the past 12 months.  

Awaken your inner Jedi with Viedoc 

In this piece, we explore the evolutionary duality between human and tech, which has solved some of our planet’s most pressing challenges. Applied to clinical research, it creates a healthier world and a brighter future for humankind. 

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Ten clinical trials that forever changed human history  

The work of clinical trial professionals plays a critical role in the development of new treatments and the advancement of medicine. Here, we look at ten clinical trials that have forever changed our human history. 

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Viedoc climbs to the top spot on G2 

This year, we emerged as the undisputed leader in the ever-evolving landscape of clinical research and electronic data capture as G2 placed Viedoc as the top EDC solution on G2 for the Fall of 2023.  

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Viedoc accelerates UN goals with free licenses 

Viedoc supports the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by extending our free software license offer to organizations working to find a cure for some of the world’s most deadly diseases. 

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The entrepreneurial journey of Viedoc 

Join Viedoc on a trip down memory lane, visiting the unique locations that have shaped Viedoc into what it is today as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company—while providing unique behind the scenes-stories. 

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A case study on efficient RBM transformation 

Discover The Kondo Method by the Tokyo-based RBM specialist Dr. Hidenobu Kondo. His technique offers subject safety, data quality, and cost savings during any type of clinical trial. 

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A Life Uninterrupted: Positive living with HIV 

At Viedoc, we are driven by a passion for greater discoveries, relentlessly working for a healthier world. In addition to offering free licenses for research dedicated to ending epidemics, including HIV, we explore the life-changing effects of medicine. 

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Why RWE has the potential to transform Clinical Trials:  

Unlike the traditional methods of measuring the effectiveness of a new intervention or treatment, such as randomized controlled trials, real-world evidence provides insights into their benefits in actual settings. 

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Changing perceptions of psychedelics with clinical trials 

This summer, we spoke to Dr Tim Hardman from the UK contract research organization Niche Science & Technology, which has been actively involved in explorative clinical trials into natural psychedelics. 

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Six reasons Viedoc is perfect for sponsors 

There are many reasons for sponsors to prefer Viedoc–for one, their CROs and trial sites can get up and running with Viedoc in less than half the time it takes with other EDCs. This saves time and money. What’s more, Viedoc scales for any phase in any trial–the system provides a modern, intuitive interface, ais secure and compliant. 

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Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2
May 16, 2023

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