June 27, 2024

In line with Viedoc's customer-centric approach, we always prioritize the needs and feedback of our clients and users. As a testament to this commitment, we are pleased to announce that the 4.79 software release for the Viedoc eClinical suite is now available.

Viedoc users have come to appreciate the usability of Viedoc products. We strive to improve that usability with each release and are excited that this comprehensive update incorporates UX enhancements across various Viedoc solutions, including Viedoc Coder, Viedoc Admin, and Viedoc Designer. It also significantly improves ODM data export/import functionality and resolves reported issues through bug fixes. 

Importantly, this Viedoc release is fully backward compatible, ensuring ongoing trials remain unaffected by default. The new features comprise:

Viedoc Coder

  • Viedoc Coder now launches in a new browser app, addressing frequent user request. Viedoc Coder is now also utilizing an improved UI. 
  • Minor design and functionality changes to the overview page and export of coding 
  • Improved searching in the dictionaries, as well as updated dictionary support for MedDRA and WHODrug

Viedoc Admin

  • The Design Impact Analysis tool was introduced, enabling Admin users with the new system role of Design Impact Analyst to assess the impact of design revisions on existing form instances before implementing the changes. This tool also enables the Design Impact Analyst to allow accessors full control of all CRF revisions, thereby significantly improving the process for managing CRF amendments in Viedoc.

Viedoc Designer

  • Updates to study settings in Viedoc Designer eliminate the need to create a new design version for updates and enable additional settings in CRF revisions. This can reduce the number of new major design versions, further simplifying the process of managing CRF amendments in the Viedoc eClinical suite. 

In addition, minor updates and bug fixes have been implemented in the 4.79 release, addressing reported issues and enhancing user experience in Viedoc Me, Viedoc TMF, and Viedoc Designer. The updates to the ODM data export/import functionality now also ensure compatibility with CDISC ODM version 1.3.

Additional resources

For comprehensive details on any of the aforementioned items, as well as an in-depth overview of 4.79 updates and changes, please consult the following resources:

Technical information concerning 4.79 release

Release notes

Updated Viedoc Inspection Readiness Packet


Demonstration of key enhancements in Viedoc 4.79

Demo videos

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Looking ahead

The next software release (4.80) is anticipated to be available in Q3 2024, featuring further improvements to the Viedoc eClinical suite as per user requests. 

Due to technical complexities, the 4.79 release is being rolled out globally in two phases. Phase 1, covering US and EU servers, was completed by June 27, 2024. Phase 2, covering servers in Japan and China, is scheduled for completion in the second half of Q3 2024. As of today, the 4.79 release is available worldwide except for Japan and China.

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