February 1, 2023

Starting late-phase studies means a lot of work—recruiting a larger pool of participants, making long-term decisions about your vendors, and keeping costs low—and it can be hard to choose an eClinical system that meets all your needs. With Viedoc, you can streamline the process by utilizing an eClinical solution that is intuitive, patient-focused, efficient, and compliant with industry regulations, all while providing exceptional value.

1. Ready to scale and globalize 

Viedoc is perfectly suited to late-phase studies with plenty of support available for traditional, decentralized, or hybrid trials. The system language in Viedoc’s applications is currently translated into over ten languages. Our ePRO/eCOA, Viedoc Me and Viedoc Connect, is available in over 45 languages and counting. 

2. 100% regulatory compliance 

Viedoc is fully up to date when it comes to industry standards in clinical research both at a local level and a global level. Compliant with all major regulatory agencies, including GDPR, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, APPI in Japan, PI-Specification in China, and more, our product is ready to be used anywhere. Our QA department is also part of the eClinical Forum— an industry group which unites global regulatory requirements and holds meetings to discuss industry trends.  


3. Extremely flexible and user-friendly 

We’re known for our modern, user-friendly, intuitive interface—and we recently started a UI-optimization project to look better than ever. See the beautiful dark mode and learn more about the unfolding project.

4. Training that sticks and eLearning for brushing up on skills 

Turn to Viedoc’s Masterclasses or eLearning for step-by-step instructions on how to complete tasks in the different applications, video tutorials, template studies and more. 

5. Allows for complex protocols and amendments  

Our drag-and-drop interface and easy-to-use functions makes for a great experience for study builders to design eCRFs for any type of trial. Study changes are easy to make, even after the study is already live.  

6. A seamless API and one system means integration-friendly 

Use Viedoc's API to seamlessly transfer data between external systems and the eCRF. This allows for easy import and export of clinical data, including integration with Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Risk-Based Monitoring systems, drug supply and payment tracking systems, and central laboratories.

7. An ePRO/eCOA that promotes patient centricity 

Our engaging ePRO/eCOA, Viedoc Me, is the perfect tool for collecting data directly from the source and boosting recruitment and retention. Easily add SMS or email reminders to ensure patients complete their tasks. Also, you can get your data in real time when paired with a wearable or an app. Our ePRO/eCOA comes in 45+ languages giving your trial a wide range of possible participants. 

8. Full visibility and control over data for easier clinical monitoring 

You’ll attain full visibility and control over the data collection process throughout your study. In Viedoc, you can raise different types of queries and alerts on important data or possible errors. With 24/7 access to data export and built-in graphical metrics, you get a complete and constant overview of your trial. 

9. Access to a supportive Professional Services team 

Sponsors and CROs can use Viedoc Admin to supervise and control user access during the study. They can also give superb site support to users and sites or ask our in-house specialists for assistance—we have offices in Europe, Japan, China, and the US.  

10. Randomization functions made simple 

Get static and dynamic randomization of any complexity using our RTSM tool, Viedoc Logistics, and learn how to use these functions by consulting our eLearning tutorials. It’s even possible to get single kit assignments. 

With Viedoc's advanced eClinical system and dedicated team of experts, you can confidently tackle the complexities of late-phase studies. Leverage the full capabilities of our EDC system to streamline your next study and gain a competitive edge.

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