Case study: How Viedoc adds value to Tecro Research and LMU’s TB trial

How Oslo University Hospital uses Viedoc to evolve healthcare

Viedoc part of large, global Covid-19 vaccine study in China

How this global CRO translates science into treatment with Viedoc


Clinical Trial Consultants (CRO)

Oslo University Hospital (Academia)

Ipsen (Pharma)

Zifo (R&D partner)

Nutricia Research (Consumer Health)

Neuromod (Medical Device)

BlueClinical (CRO)

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Academia)

Cutia Therapeutic (Sponsor)

Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2
Oct 19, 2023

"Data capturing has been made easy because of viedoc, it is incredibly robust and easy to navigate"