September 14, 2021

Learn why Novotech is extremely pleased with Viedoc

Established in 1996, Novotech is the largest independent Australia-based Clinical Research Organisation (CRO). With headquarters in Sydney and operations in 12 countries, Novotech's service offering has come to be recognized for its quality both by the clients, as well as industry analyst groups. Novotech is also the only Australian CRO with ISO 9000 quality credentials.

Why was Viedoc selected?

After evaluating a number of different products, Novotech selected Viedoc as one of its key EDC solutions based on the ease of use and flexibility of the system especially for adaptive trial design studies.

The verdict

Viedoc is easy to use, web-based, and has an excellent user interface. This intuitive design makes designing case report forms a lot easier for complex SAD and MAD studies. The additional randomization functionalities meant that complicated randomization schedules and stratification could also be added to trials. After the initial training provided by Viedoc, Novotech designed 12 studies in the first 12 months. Managing 80 sites and over 240 subjects in a single trial is a huge task in itself, but this was implemented with ease in Viedoc. The eCRF works extremely well and we have received excellent feedback from study coordinators and investigators.

Andries Claassen

Associate Director, Biometrics / Novotech

Viedoc is a leader in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) on G2
May 22, 2023

"A user friendly data collection software with high function ability in the clinical trial space"