Available for 2022-11-01 (Europe servers)
Available for 2022-11-02 (Japan servers)
Available for 2022-11-07 (China servers)

This release contains improvements to existing functionality, bug fixes, and the following new functionality:

  • Viedoc Reports now has a modernized user interface. This is another step in the implementation of a wider UI optimization across the Viedoc suite. Also in Viedoc Reports, there is a new option in settings, which allows users to customize the page appearance by selecting to view the page in either light mode or dark mode. Due to the rise in popularity of the Viedoc Reports application, very large amounts of data are handled in the data sync. To reduce the response times, the daily data sync now operates on production data only. To sync demo data, use the on-demand sync option.

  • As of Viedoc version 4.71, the design version is printed on each page of the PDFs generated (annotated CRF, blank CRF, workflow, and configuration report) from Viedoc Designer. This is so users can easily identify which design version the respective settings belong to. In Viedoc Designer, improvements to the validation have been made to check for duplicate IDs, regardless of casing.

  • In the Study settings dialog, users can now generate and download the Admin audit trail report from the new Logs tab. The report contains information about all settings and changes of study settings that have been made by authorized users in Viedoc Admin. For a detailed description of the contents of the report, see the Viedoc Admin User Guide in the eLearning.

  • It is now possible to use the Web API to retrieve user information in a study. It’s also now possible to invite multiple users to different roles simultaneously through the Web API. Further, it is now possible to use the Web API to add a list of additional properties for specific users.

  • In Viedoc Clinic, it is now possible to search by Subject ID using the ‘Subject key’ parameter. This is a much faster search parameter than the ‘All data’, which must be selected to run. ‘Subject key’ is now the default search parameter. Also, the user can now cancel an ongoing search. Further, it is now possible to receive the form PDF attached to the alert email if configured in the study design.

  • In accordance with our UI optimization process, we have updated the look of the sign-in page, as well as the sign-up process.

Release Notes Viedoc 4.72 updated 2022-10-31. The sections ”New and updated functionality” and “Bug fixes” were updated to remove the updates for designer validation regarding the duplicated IDs.

Download Release Notes Viedoc 4.72 (pdf) | Release Certificate

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