Release Notes Viedoc 4.38

Available for users on 2017-11-23

Viedoc 4.38 is a maintenance release that includes a set of issue fixes and back-end enhancements. Besides that, the main updated functionalities in this release are:

  • Reference ID
  • Data import:
    • possibility to set character encoding in data import application.
    • possibility to set delimiter in data import application.

Non-functional updates:

  • Medical coding – changed dictionary name from WHO DD to WHODrug
  • ViedocMe – changed term from Questionnaires to Events, in order to align the terminology with the one used in Viedoc Clinic

Note! Release Notes Viedoc 4.38 updated 2017-11-20. Updated known limitations list.

Download Release Notes Viedoc 4.38 (pdf) | Release Certificate

Release Notes Viedoc 4.37

Available for users on 2017-10-09

The main new/updated functionalities in this release are:

  • Alerts and trackers
  • Medical coding – improved search options
  • Medical coding – display active ingredients in WHO DD dictionary
  • Medical coding – preferred and drug name are included in the export for WHO DD
  • In Viedoc Clinic, if a subject is being edited by another user, this is marked on the subject card with the username and user ID of the user who is editing the subject
  • Option to prevent future dates in Date item
  • Option to include/exclude the subject initiated events in Viedoc Clinic
  • System checks are included in the Outputs and validation summary in Viedoc Designer
  • New options for the VAS Scale item so that it can be configured for the EQ5D questionnaire
  • Max file size for the file upload is now 512 MB

Non-functional updates:

  • Medical coding – updated disclaimer

Note! Release Notes Viedoc 4.37 updated 2017-10-05. Updated the release date and section Alerts and trackers.

Download Release Notes Viedoc 4.37 (pdf) | Release Certificate

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Release Notes Viedoc 4.30

Available for users on 2016-11-17

The main new functionality in this release is:

  • Support for data import

Note! Release Notes Viedoc 4.30 updated 2016-12-21. Added a bullet explaining the new behavior of Alert emails in chapter Updated functionality.

Download Release Notes Viedoc 4.30 (pdf) | Release Certificate

Release Notes Viedoc 4.20

Available for users on 2015-11-19

The new functionalities in this release are:

  • Study lock
  • Role visibility on form level
  • User role listing report
  • Unique study mode
  • Confirm “All fields”
  • No reason is needed when confirming that data is missing
  • Visibility condition for Activities within Common Events
  • Additional study settings

Download Release Notes Viedoc 4.20 (pdf) | Release Certificate

Release Notes Viedoc 4.14

Available for users on 2015-05-07

The five main new functionalities in this release are: 

  • Enhanced workflow design
  • Design validation
  • Password expiration time and password history
  • Duplicate form
  • Selection View settings

Download Release Notes Viedoc 4.14 (pdf) | Release Certificate

Release Notes Viedoc 4.11

Available for users on 2014-12-19

The two main new functionalities in this release are: 

  • The addition of an Application Programming Interface (API) to Viedoc 4 
  • The first stage of support for Risk Based Programming (RBM)

Download Release Notes Viedoc 4.11 (pdf) | Release Certificate

Release Notes Viedoc 4.0

Available for users on 2013-10-02

This is the first public release of major version 4. 

This is not an upgrade but a complete rewrite of Viedoc including a new GUI and framework to support modern browsers and devices. Studies running on major version 3 must be migrated if upgrade to major version 4 is desired.

Download Release Notes Viedoc 4.0 (pdf) | Release Certificate