For the subject

ViedocMe is an ePro module that lets your subjects report data via their smart-phones, tablets, or computer. Setup automatic reminders via SMS or e-mail to make sure you collect the relevant data within the designated time frame. ViedocMe is the future of data collection – eliminating both the need for data entry by site staff and potential transcription errors, by collecting data direct from the source.


The personal solution

ViedocMe is an integrated part of Viedoc. When you set up a form in Viedoc you select if you want to post it to the subject or if it will be part of the regular CRF. This allows you to set up both the CRF and the subject questionnaires simultaneously, saving time and money.

Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)

Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)

Apart from standard data fields, ViedocMe also has a customizable visual analogue scale (VAS), compliant with EQ-5D (https://euroqol.org/). The VAS is configurable to be displayed horizontally, vertically, with/without colouring or numbers. Everything to make it as flexible as possible: allowing everything from a classic VAS, to a version suited to the needs of the study.

File Upload in ViedocMe

File Upload

If your subjects need to document their activity not only by answering questions but also with images, they have the possibility to upload photos in ViedocMe and submit those to the investigator and eCRF. As a camera is now standard in all mobile devices, allowing the subject to upload a photo directly from the phone or tablet to the ViedocMe application enables new data to be captured in your study, both quicker and easier.


Is ViedocMe an app that you have to download or a web application?

ViedocMe is a web application that runs on any device with a browser.

Does ViedocMe operate both online and offline?

Like any web application ViedocMe requires an internet connection to operate.

How is the data submitted from the subject’s phone linked to the subject data in the eCRF?

Each subject needs a user account to be able to use ViedocMe. The account is automatically generated in the eCRF (Viedoc Clinic) when the investigator initiates ViedocMe for the subject.

How is the data generated through ViedocMe stored?

Data from ViedocMe is stored exactly the same way as the rest of the data for the subject. Same security and control. No data is ever stored locally on the subject’s device.

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