Viedoc PMS
For Japanese PMS studies

Viedoc PMS is our latest product on the Viedoc platform. It fulfils all requirements for a Japanese Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS) study, and supports collection of data in booklets as well as the process of sharing data between Site and Sponsor via the Submit/Receive Kaifu function. Viedoc PMS shares all the robust and flexible features of Viedoc Clinic, but also includes a layer of specific PMS features allowing full support for collecting data in real-world PMS scenarios.

Viedoc PMS - Booklets


By mirroring the data collection and review process via booklets, Viedoc now matches the workflow of a Japanese PMS study. A booklet can be seen as a compilation of data being collected during a specific period of time rather than during a specific visit date which is more typical in clinical trials.

Viedoc PMS - Kaifu

Send / Receive (Kaifu)

Sending and receiving data on request is a fundamental requirement for a Japanese PMS study. Viedoc PMS introduces the Kaifu function as a standard feature. In the Kaifu functionality, the investigator chooses when to share data with the Sponsor and the Sponsor, or rather the delegate of the Sponsor, the CRO, chooses when to receive the data. A rich graphical overview provides the Sponsor with the information necessary to understand the amount of data being processed.


How do I get access to Viedoc PMS?

When adding a new study in Viedoc Admin you can choose to add a normal Viedoc study or a Viedoc PMS study.

Does Viedoc PMS also include progress management?

Although Viedoc PMS contains some progress management features, the product can easily be integrated with any commercial progress management system on the market.

Is there any additional designer training required to use Viedoc PMS?

No, if you have been certified in Viedoc Designer no additional training is required.

Can Viedoc PMS be used in any PMS study outside of Japan?

Viedoc PMS is specifically developed to fulfil the requirements on the Japanese PMS market. There is however no restriction to it being used elsewhere.

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