Viedoc Logistics
For the supply manager

Viedoc Logistics is our fully integrated supply management system that is designed to optimize and secure the inventory of your trial. The feature offers a wide range of capabilities with configurable settings designed to provide everything you can expect from a modern RTSM system.


Viedoc Logistics is designed with the end user in mind. By optimizing the interface through intuitive tools and comprehensive overviews, we’ve made it easier than ever to keep track of and handle your trial supply. The feature is fully integrated with the Viedoc platform, with real-time visibility to the eCRFs in Viedoc Clinic, facilitating an effective and cost-efficient supply management.


Viedoc is known for being configurable across studies. Viedoc Logistics is no different - configure your own user roles, setup your scope of allocation, and make general settings to the handling of your IP. Setup is quick and minimal training is required to get started. Cloud-based with 24/7 access and backup, alerts that notify when you’re low in stock and detailed history records ensure a safe and accountable handling of your trial supply.


Do we still need an external IWRS or IVRS?

No, all actions are performed in Viedoc. The user only needs to login to one system.

Do actions happen in the system immediately?

Yes, you don’t have to wait for system updates at a certain time of day. Kits are available as soon as they are registered as received.

Are there alerts for low numbers of kits at a site?

Yes, and site-specific levels can be set based on enrollment/number of subjects. You can also keep track of expiration dates.

Does this work for both Open-Label and Double-Blind studies?

Yes, you can enroll/randomize the subject and then immediately allocate their kit all within the same system.

Can I allocate more than one type of therapy?

Yes, primary and supplementary therapies (as many as needed) can be set up for allocation.

What if I have more than one distribution center?

This feature works for large, multinational studies, as well as in-house facilities.

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