Viedoc Clinic
For the investigator

Viedoc Clinic keeps track of all the activities performed by the site. The modern, streamlined interface allows you to efficiently manage and review clinical trial data in less time. Enjoy the benefits of a system accessible from any device at any time - update to Viedoc now.

Viedoc Clinic | Selection


Viedoc’s unique way of displaying subjects helps any user to easily select the preferred subject. Each user role also gets help with clear indicators guiding the user what to do next; resolve a query, approve a query, complete missing data etc. The layout of the subject cards also makes the page perfect for a user working on a tablet device.

Viedoc Clinic | Metrics


What´s the status of queries, missing data and what sites are performing well? All of that and much more can be answered through the metrics page. The quality of data is essential in any study and by being able to follow this on study, country or site level helps you to early identify potential problem areas. All reports can be saved and directly shared on email.

This is Viedoc!

Viedoc is an EDC (Electronic Data Capture) system built for modern research, simplifying clinical trials throughout the world since 2003.


Is Viedoc CFR part 11 compliant?

Yes, statements of compliance to various regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11 as well as data privacy laws can be provided upon request.

Your system seems easy to use but what is the main differentiator compared to other EDC systems?

Instead of comparing us with other vendors we let the system speak for itself. Anyone with interest can try out Viedoc free of charge for a limited time by simply sending us an email. We also let our clients share their experience with us and some statements are provided on this website.

Can the investigator sign off all forms at once?

Yes, signing is done on form, visit or subject level depending on the preference of the investigator.

Does Viedoc store an independent contemporaneous investigator copy of the eCRF?

Yes, Viedoc stores all versions of a form at the time the form is saved and these are all under the control of the investigator.

Where and how often are backups performed?

Backups are performed on several different levels:

- RAID disks on each server for complete, instantaneous backup
- Data replication within 1 second on every event to the secondary server for complete backup
- Backup to storage once every 15 minutes
- Backup copy once every hour to a separate geographic location (Uppsala) for storage on optical media
- Once a week the optical media is stored in a bank vault

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