Viedoc Admin
For the study manager

Viedoc Admin is the interface where you initiate a new study, manage the study while it's running and finally close the study. No need to contact the helpdesk or the tech manager to get things done.

Viedoc Admin Studies

The administrative solution

Finally, the study (project) manager is able to have full control over the study! Viedoc Admin allows the study manager to manage sites and users and also to delegate some activities to different site managers to facilitate the work. The implementation of any of protocol amendment is also managed in Admin by selecting which sites should use which version of the design. Being able to manage user invitations without having to go through a helpdesk is one of the main advantages with Viedoc Admin. While asked, a majority of all Viedoc site managers prefer to manage this activity on their own instead of using a centralized helpdesk.


What kind of support do you provide?

We provide technical support 24/7. Helpdesk to sites is provided by each client through Viedoc Admin and we support our clients if they have any questions or problems.

Who has access to Viedoc Admin?

Access to Admin is normally restricted to study and site managers but it is up to each organization to manage access the way they prefer.

How does your pricing model work?

Viedoc is provided as a SaaS meaning it is licensed per project. The license fee is based on several factors such as duration of study, number of sites, forms, phase etc. To get a good understanding of the price, please request an offer on this website and we will reply within 24 hours with a price.

Is there any limitation in number of sites that can be added?

No, there are no limitations. The largest study in Viedoc has over 700 sites and works without any problem.

What export formats do you support?

Viedoc supports export to Excel, ASCII, SAS, PDF and CDISC ODM.

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