Enjoy your trial™ with the world’s most sophisticated EDC & ePRO system

We understand the value of time and efficiency. That's why we've built the Viedoc system using the technology of tomorrow, making electronic data capture smarter, faster and easier than ever before. We can provide you with modern tools that will revolutionise the way you conduct your clinical trials. Less effort. More fun. Experience the power of Viedoc.

Viedoc Clinic Selection

Viedoc Clinic

Viedoc Clinic keeps track of all the activities performed by the site. The modern, streamlined interface allows you to efficiently manage and review clinical trial data in less time. Enjoy the benefits of a system accessible from any device at anytime - update to Viedoc now. 

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Viedoc Admin Studies

Viedoc Admin

Viedoc Admin is the interface where you initiate a new study, manage the study while it's running and finally close the study. No need to contact the helpdesk or the tech manager to get things done. 

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Viedoc Designer Overview

Viedoc Designer

Viedoc Designer makes it easier than ever to setup and design professional studies. The included ready-to-use industry templates allows you to create professional input fields and questionnaires tailor-made for you. No prior programming or design skills are required. 

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ViedocMe is a smart app that lets your subjects report data comfortably through their phones or tablets at any time. Setup automatic reminders, notifications or e-mails to make sure you collect the relevant data within the designated time frame. ViedocMe is the future. 

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Viedoc Logistics

Viedoc Logistics is our fully integrated supply management system that is designed to optimize and secure the inventory of your trial. The feature offers a wide range of capabilities with configurable settings designed to provide everything you can expect from a modern RTSM system.

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Viedoc eTMF

Viedoc eTMF is our fully integrated document management system that provides study users with a secure and easily accessible document management system 24/7. Based on industry standards and equipped with permissions, document review, and a customizable structure, Viedoc eTMF will help accelerate your trial.

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Viedoc Reports

Viedoc Reports is a fully integrated reporting tool that allows you to see both high-level metrics for a quick overview and dig deep into details. And for the busy project manager Viedoc Reports is available 24/7 wherever you are.

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Viedoc PMS

The latest addition to the Viedoc family. This product is developed to support the specific requirements for a Japanese PMS study where data is collected during specific time periods, aka booklets, instead of the traditional way at specific visit dates. The sponsor and participating sites are able to share data upon request using the PMS specific “Kaifu” function.

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