“The main reason around our success is our diversity.”
—    Mats Klaar

Mats Klaar, CEO of Viedoc, has been molding the company culture and fueling success at Viedoc since he joined in 2015. As Viedoc continues to evolve with a team of now over 100 employees, we’re proud of the way we’ve tackled change and grown. 

We sat down with Mats to discuss Viedoc’s values, our recipe for success, and how we’re making moves in a habitually conservative industry.

What sets Viedoc apart? 

We take a people first approach to our every step, says Mats, and we know the difference we make in the world goes beyond the product:

- It’s the people making the difference. So that is everything. It’s the essence of the company and the product and everything we do.

From the onset of the pandemic to branding changes and huge movements in the industry overall, Viedoc as a company has expanded and strengthened, and so has our team—from around 40 to over 100 since the beginning of 2020. While our team has increased in numbers, the team has remained close-knit.

What’s our secret? 

If you ask Mats, our diversity is a key element. With offices in America, China, France, Japan, and Vietnam, there’s a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the bounds of Viedoc’s headquarters in Uppsala. Excellent internal and external communication is one aspect of our continued success. 

What’s more is that we’re proud to be ahead of the curve regarding gender diversity in the tech industry. At Viedoc, our team is getting closer to an equal measure of men to women, with about 39% of our current workforce identifying as female, while the large tech companies lag at about 33% female representation in 2022, according to a prediction made by Deloitte Insights

What helps us grow?

We know a diverse team make us stronger, and in the end, makes for a better product. This is how we’re changing the face of the clinical research and tech industries.

- Viedoc is making a huge difference, I would say, because this whole industry within clinical trials is quite conservative. We have a modern approach of bringing some good changes and challenging the industry to do things quicker, easier and also more safe and efficient.

It’s for this reason that we love to give our employees their own platform to tell you their stories—because we’re not just a company, we’re people. We encourage you to listen to Parul Sharma and Yupei Li elaborate on their path to Viedoc and what it’s like working for us. 

What does “do good” mean to us?

With many large pharma companies looking to Viedoc for a streamlined EDC system to modernize their studies, there is plenty of opportunity for employees to continue growing and learning—and doing good. In the past two years, the number of studies we’ve assisted has multiplied from around 2000 to nearly 5000. We’ve also reached 100.000+ users and over 1.000.000+ subjects via our platform. 

Apart from what we give back with our product, we also give back to our community. From pro bono work to donating to non-profit organizations, our work isn’t just a job to us, it’s a purpose.

But don’t just take it from us. Check out our business cases and hear from our clients themselves on why Viedoc will only continue to grow. 

Excited about future opportunities at Viedoc? Our career page always lists our latest openings. Tell us your superpower and connect with us.

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Apr 19, 2023

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