The Viedoc Most Valuable Professionals (Viedoc MVP) is awarded to outstanding contributions within the Viedoc community and for acknowledging those who are willing to share their passion, technical expertise and real-world knowledge of Viedoc, electronic data capture and/or clinical trials. An MVP is awarded for individual contributions and the nominees are selected exclusively by the Viedoc Technologies’ management team based on a review of accomplishments and achievements. 

Viedoc MVPs have one or many of the following

In-depth knowledge of running trials in Viedoc

Long-term technical experience from working with Viedoc

An urge to develop the industry and believe in the Viedoc vision

A wish to explore new solutions and improve the Viedoc features

A love to help others and contribute to the Viedoc community


MVPs are awarded with a certificate and the right to print “Viedoc MVP” on their business cards. If you know of someone who you believe has what it takes to be a Viedoc MVP go ahead and nominate them to Viedoc Technologies’ management team.

List of the Viedoc MVPs

Makoto Yokobori

Representative Director, SUXAC (株式会社スーザック)

Divya Suryanarayanan

Head of Viedoc Services, Zifo Technologies


Individuals that are given the Viedoc MVP award do not work for Viedoc Technologies nor do they represent the company or receive benefits and services because of receiving the award. Viedoc MVP is an award, not a certification. Viedoc MVP’s are independent individuals that were chosen based upon their individual accomplishments only.