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Introducing Templates to ensure high-quality CRF design

High-quality data starts with a high-quality CRF design. Viedoc is already known to deliver the easiest yet most powerful designer tool in the industry, receiving rave reviews from designers around the world. But a good design needs to be more than easy to do — it needs to be of the highest quality.  We therefore asked our Professional Services team with experience from hundreds of study-builds for advice on how to help our customers design studies of the highest standards.

The result was a handful of template studies, all built according to CDASH standards and with our best tips and tricks and best practices. The template studies, including guidelines and associated documents, will be available to all Viedoc designers via the Viedoc eLearning.

Designers can either copy from the templates or design studies themselves, taking advantage of our recommendations and experience. This means that Viedoc designers within your organization will design not just acceptable studies — but top-quality studies.

So how exactly does this work?

Even the most experienced study designer can learn new tricks. The template studies can be used in whole or in part. Included with the sample studies are complete study configurations, including data imports, randomizations, kit allocation, ViedocMe configuration, and more, all to get you started as quickly as possible. Those with less experience building studies will see industry best practices in use and learn from them. Experienced users can save time by "cherry-picking" the best bits and raise their quality standards to standards of excellence. All of this to make sure your team can design the highest-quality CRF to ensure the highest-quality data.

For information on how to become a certified Viedoc Designer, contact us here.

Enjoy your (high-quality) trial!