Our teams
Discover what lies at the heart of Viedoc

At the heart of Viedoc you’ll find dedicated people working hard every day to deliver the best eClinical experience imaginable for our users. From Uppsala Sweden to Shanghai China we have people around the world doing their best to provide the best.


"The most essential key to the growth of our company is the wellbeing of our teams as they hold the key to our success."

—Mats Klaar CEO


Blending industry experience with tomorrow’s technology results in innovation only when a fantastic team works its magic. Viedoc’s development team has the highest output in the industry, releasing unsurpassed quality every six weeks. Our hard work and devotion, as well as simply being the world’s finest dev team, are what helps us keep up this pace.


The product team is where the prioritization, planning and documentation of all features happens and is at the center of the action here at Viedoc. This team is always busy ensuring Viedoc is easy to learn and use and keeps in touch with our clients’ needs. Simply put: a place where the Viedoc vision becomes reality.

Professional services

Supporting our clients is at the core of what this team is about. From building studies to providing a world class technical support, we are an international team covering all corners of the globe. And all our people live by our values of reliability and understanding our customers to provide the very best every day.


For our marketing department it’s all about building relations and letting the world know about Viedoc. Imagination and creativity are the cornerstones of what we do and our team uses this creativity to help spread the word about Viedoc to realize our mission to help researchers make the world a healthier place.

Quality assurance and data protection

At Viedoc, quality processes and the protection of data is of vital importance to our business. We have a department that is led by an industry leader and staffed by the future leaders of the industry. Our QA dept has been guaranteeing quality since the very beginning, not only delivering high quality but setting the standard for what quality is.


This team keeps the bills paid and the lights on, working diligently to keep all our administrative duties in-line. Our finance dept. provides expertise and strategic investments for long-term growth and ensures Viedoc is here for the long run.


In this industry, long term relationships and trust matter. Our sales team understands this and works to keep our clients, spread across the globe, happy at all times. The team is always looking to strike up a conversation about how Viedoc can simplify your workday. Feel free to contact us at any time.

IT and infrastructure

IT and infrastructure make up the backbone of Viedoc. We understand that it takes a lifetime to build consumer trust and a moment to lose it. Our IT teams is a very dependable and highly loyal bunch, always on call to guarantee Viedoc is always available and secure.

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