Our values make us who we are

Our values are the secret behind the success of Viedoc. By adopting these values, we have created a company full of ideas and inspiration, and developed a fantastic product that makes a difference in clinical trials around the world every day. Viedoc was created to make the experience of those conducting studies enjoyable. We believe that using the right software can have a real and significant impact on the quality of data in any study. We work towards our vision of a healthier world every day and an essential ingredient in reaching our goals is to recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility in achieving those goals.


For us, corporate social responsibility means accountability in several areas.

Understand the customer, be reliable, have fun
One of the key values here at Viedoc is understanding. Understanding the clients’ differing situations and needs. This is a crucial factor in being able to provide the best possible solution in any situation regardless of how big or small, simple or complex the study may be. By understanding the client and the specific needs of their organization helps us provide excellence in everything we do.

Respect for individuals
The greatest ideas come from a place of security where people are free to think and express themselves as they wish. Every member of our team is encouraged to dream big and to continually think outside the box. This respect extends to all individuals within the Viedoc team at our offices around the world, to every client using Viedoc, and to all the individuals behind the data in all the thousands of trials in our system.

Nurturing a positive environment
To think free requires a safe workplace where ideas are recognized and respected as much as the people who come up with them. We strongly promote a nurturing, supportive and fun workplace where each individual grows and the team thrives.

Non-tolerance for discrimination
A positive work environment means everyone in the Viedoc team is a valued member and our non-tolerance for any form of discrimination is a natural result. We believe in equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or orientation and in the empowerment of each member of the team to make decisions based on the values we share. Our strength is our diversity with teams consisting of people from all corners of the globe and a great mixture of gender, culture, youth and experience.

Climate sustainability
The condition of the climate and environment has never been more important than it is today. At Viedoc we are strongly committed to our work contributing to a healthier world. This also means we are committed to a healthier environment. We have implemented policies to ensure our employees make the most environmentally sound choices everyday, minimizing the impact we have on the environment.

Giving back to our communities
Giving back to the community is important to us. We do this in several ways. One is to support the academic world through educational programs and reduced rates for academic institutions, to conduct studies with the help of Viedoc. We encourage our employees to donate to medical research and gift match each donation. Additionally, we make sizable donations to support research and organizations that are in line with our values.